Thursday, 30 April 2015

Leopard Lovin’ – The Leopard Print Hoodie

Juicy Couture leopard hoodie
Juicy Couture leopard print hoodie
Gap black t-shirt
Remember Juicy Couture tracksuits?  I admit that I bought into the hype.  However, I bought a grey leopard print non-velour hoodie with puffed shoulders instead of the super-popular velour ones.  I didn’t buy the track bottoms because I didn’t think I would wear them.  Some years ago, I was wandering around Caesar Forum Shops in Las Vegas, terribly jet lagged, when I found the Juicy Couture store which was having a sale.  So I purchased my first and possibly last Juicy Couture hoodie for USD35.  The hoodie is really comfortable and soft, almost like a blanket.  I could happily wear it to sleep in a chilly room.  I also love the pockets on the hoodie.  There are actually four pockets, two with zips and two without.  It is very convenient as I can zip my stuff up securely in the pockets and still stuff my hands into the other pockets to keep warm without worrying about accidentally pulling my stuff out when I remove my hands. 

Until next time, the hunt for leopard print continues…..

Well, I Do Like Living Under Your Spotlight*

This week, I finally visited Spotlight.  I had been itching to go to Spotlight ever since they opened their first store in Ampang Point but it was just too far.  To my delight, Spotlight opened another store in Ikano Power Centre a few weeks ago.

Spotlight is an Australian fabric store.  They stock a wide range of fabrics, crafts and homewares.  I had been to Spotlight before in Sydney but that was mostly to buy thread to sew loose buttons back on.  Having visited fabric stores all my life, I was incredibly excited that Spotlight had landed in Malaysia to enhance the range of fabrics available in the country. 

A Paule Ka Dress

Paule Ka black dress
Paule Ka dress
Longchamp shoes

Paule Ka is a label that I have come across only occasionally in fashion magazines.  I was vaguely aware that the designer was French and that they showed at Paris Fashion Week. 

Imagine my shock one day when I was rifling through the racks at a thrift shop when I saw a black dress with some weird rope details with a label that clearly read “Paule Ka”.  I looked again and realised that it was my size.  The dress was on the clearance rack marked MYR5.  Heart beating wildly, I decided that this was a great opportunity to try out Paule Ka’s designs.  After checking the dress for any defects (slight stains, acceptable for the price), I paid for the dress and went on my way.  It had been an unfruitful shopping trip until I found the dress. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dress fit perfectly.  It is comfortable and easy to wear and the way the skirt hangs is lovely.  It truly was an amazing discovery made possible by thrift shopping.  

You’re Still Alive, Impala!*

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs impala silk dress
H&M gold clutch
Bellerinas wedges

It was not love at first sight for this Marc by Marc Jacobs impala dress and I.  It reminded me of pyjamas but there was something attractive about it.  I had spotted it at a Club21 designer clearance sale.  My friend who was with me immediately vetoed it (see, this is why I prefer to shop alone).  I didn’t buy it.

However, I returned to the sale to check if there any new items, this time without my friend who was obviously not a wildlife fan.  I tried the dress on and was looking at the mirror when a woman beside me remarked, “Very nice!  Where did you get it from?”

She proceeded to ask the sales staff the same question but I was wearing the last available dress.  Afraid that she might try to strip the dress off me (she seemed pretty determined to get it), I snuck off to a corner behind the men’s clothing racks.  Of course, I bought the dress.  After all, it was made of silk, had pockets, was marked 90% off and there was another woman who wanted to get her hands on it.

* the title is a reference to a cast member of Running Man, a popular Korean television show.  

The Blue Printed Dress

Ralph Lauren
Lauren Jeans Co. dress
Fausto Zanetti shoes
Diva necklace and earrings

Monday, 27 April 2015

Farewell, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Recently, the news broke that Marc by Marc Jacobs would cease to exist.  It is not unusual for designers to discontinue secondary lines – Dolce & Gabbana closed the D&G line in 2011, Kate Spade Saturday stores will be closing down, Versus was closed only to be resurrected some years later. 

Latest Shoe Picks from Vincci

I dropped by Padini Concept Store in One Utama a few days ago.  Padini Concept Store is a single store that houses a variety of the brands under Malaysia-based Padini Holdings such as Vincci, Padini Authentics, Seed and Padini. 

My main purpose was to check out Vincci’s latest shoes although I didn’t intend to purchase anything.  Vincci needs no introduction in Malaysia.  The fast fashion brand has been churning out affordable and pretty (mostly synthetic) shoes for many, many years. 

The first thing I noticed was that prices had increased substantially.  On average, a pair of shoes cost MYR69.  They used to cost MYR5-10 less.  

These simple sandals caught my eye.  They have a slight platform, which I failed to take a photo of.  I’m always looking for sandals which I can slip my feet into, but which still have a strap across the back of the foot. 

I really liked these pretty lace ballet flats.  They look cute and girly and would be perfect for a wedding!  

Both the sandals and ballet flats shown above were priced at MYR69.  

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mall Rat - The Gardens Mall & Mid Valley Megamall

I’m a bit of a mall rat.  I love checking out what’s new at the mall, looking at the window displays and seeing if I can snag any bargains.  The seed of this habit was planted when I was in university as there was a shopping mall right across the road from my university.  But it was in Kuala Lumpur that the seedling flourished and grew into a huge tree due to the numerous shopping malls all over the city. 

Anyway, here are some photographs from The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall from yesterday, starting off with Mid Valley Megamall.  

Welcome to FashionConsumer

Welcome to FashionConsumer, a style and shopping blog based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!  I dithered a lot before deciding to go ahead and set up this blog. 

I love fashion and shopping and can’t stop talking about either of them.  Since my friends and family have gotten tired of listening to my ramblings and getting spammed with photos, I decided to spare them from further pain and use blogging as an outlet to express myself. 

So here I am, finally!  In the words of the baddest female in Kpop, “It’s been a long time coming.  But we’re here now.”

Enjoy your stay!