Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mall Rat - The Gardens Mall & Mid Valley Megamall

I’m a bit of a mall rat.  I love checking out what’s new at the mall, looking at the window displays and seeing if I can snag any bargains.  The seed of this habit was planted when I was in university as there was a shopping mall right across the road from my university.  But it was in Kuala Lumpur that the seedling flourished and grew into a huge tree due to the numerous shopping malls all over the city. 

Anyway, here are some photographs from The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall from yesterday, starting off with Mid Valley Megamall.  
Forever21 is having a part sale with discounts up to 70% off.
MNG is having a spring promotion from 20 – 26 April 2015 with discounts up to 50% off.
Sephora Mid Valley had its grand opening.  Look at the long line of people waiting to get vouchers!
Moving to The Gardens Mall.  This is the Coach window display.  I must say, I am not fond of Coach’s designs after Stuart Vevers became the creative director.  I used to pass the Coach store and see some things that I would like but now I only stop to look at how different (and not in a good way) the clothes and bags look.  I really don’t like the print on the t-shirts.  The characters look like Happy Tree Friends crossed with some macabre anime characters.  The jackets remind me of Big Bird on acid.  In fact, I think the only item I liked in the window display was the trench coat.  Thank goodness Coach didn’t make feathers sprout from the back of the trench coat.  Oh wait, I didn’t actually check the back of the coat.  

The Hermes window display was beautiful, the calm after the storm that was Coach’s window display.  No words are necessary, the photographs will speak for themselves. 

Opposite Hermes, Louis Vuitton’s window display was stark but sleek and modern.  The word that comes to mind is “focused”.  The juxtaposition of the deep cherry red against the monogram, Damier check and white background was eye-catching. 
 Next up is Gucci.  A rather boring window display although the chaise lounge looks really nice.  The question is: should you be worried if people notice the furniture more than the merchandise?

 Kate Spade is as usual, colourful and playful.  The mannequins have clouds instead of heads.  So then, are they airheads?  Ha ha ha.

Barbie must have done the window display at Longchamp. She did a good job!  I personally don’t favour that particular shade of pink but the display looked nice and prompted me to take a closer look at the goods.  I didn’t even know that Longchamp produced leather goods in that shade of Barbie pink!  It was very cute, indeed. 

That wraps up the first post for Mall Rat.  Hope to bring you more soon!

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