Thursday, 30 April 2015

You’re Still Alive, Impala!*

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc Jacobs impala silk dress
H&M gold clutch
Bellerinas wedges

It was not love at first sight for this Marc by Marc Jacobs impala dress and I.  It reminded me of pyjamas but there was something attractive about it.  I had spotted it at a Club21 designer clearance sale.  My friend who was with me immediately vetoed it (see, this is why I prefer to shop alone).  I didn’t buy it.

However, I returned to the sale to check if there any new items, this time without my friend who was obviously not a wildlife fan.  I tried the dress on and was looking at the mirror when a woman beside me remarked, “Very nice!  Where did you get it from?”

She proceeded to ask the sales staff the same question but I was wearing the last available dress.  Afraid that she might try to strip the dress off me (she seemed pretty determined to get it), I snuck off to a corner behind the men’s clothing racks.  Of course, I bought the dress.  After all, it was made of silk, had pockets, was marked 90% off and there was another woman who wanted to get her hands on it.

* the title is a reference to a cast member of Running Man, a popular Korean television show.  

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