Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mall Rat – Suria KLCC Part 3 – Ralph Lauren

Having not shopped properly at Suria KLCC for many years, I had no idea that Ralph Lauren had relocated to such an enormous space.  I was also unaware that Ralph Lauren Collection (i.e. runway) was now available in Kuala Lumpur.  What a long way we have come, from having only Ralph Lauren Blue Label in Isetan KLCC, One Utama and later on, Pavilion!  Although Ralph Lauren Collection (actually, Ralph Lauren anything) might be out of most of our budgets, we can still admire and be inspired, no?


This beautiful window display featuring a gorgeous yellow dress and vivid pink petals in baskets greeted me as I walked past the boutique on my way elsewhere.  Although pink and yellow has been in many a designer’s palette this season, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea until I saw Ralph Lauren’s interpretation of the two unlikely bedfellows in this window.  So lovely! 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Mall Rat - Suria KLCC Part 2 - Chanel and Louis Vuitton

A small window display at the back of the Chanel boutique
The back view of the Chanel boutique in Suria KLCC - do you see the door?
I was heading out of the French Sole boutique in Suria KLCC when I saw the back of the Chanel boutique.  Although it was the back of the boutique, there were still small window displays as shown above.  I was peering at the displays when the back door suddenly opened and a staff member walked out!  It gave me a scare.  I liked the cute pink tweed locks. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mall Rat - Suria KLCC Part 1

The fountain and park at Suria KLCC
It has been a while since I have wandered around Suria KLCC without an agenda.  I usually go there to meet people and never stay for long.  With the parking rates being notoriously high, checking out the shops can be an expensive affair! 
When I ended up in Suria KLCC a few days ago without a plan or anyone to meet, I discovered that the mall had changed far more than I realised during my past walk-throughs.  And boy, were there many things to photograph!  Definitely a window shopper’s dream! 
Since there are so many photographs, I will split them into several posts instead of writing a lengthy post with a gazillion photographs that take forever to load. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

60 Years of Made in Italy at Pavilion KL - Part 4

Maison Versace Exhibition

Masion Versace Exhibition at Pavilion KL

The Maison Versace Exhibition was my favourite part of the 60 Years of Made in Italy Exhibition. The exhibition was held in a specially-constructed space at the Centre Court of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.  Inside, a full range of Versace products was showcased, from perfume, home collection, archive Atelier Versace pieces, handbags and watches.  I did not take photos of the watches and some of the outfits as I was completely mesmerised by the Atelier Versace evening gowns. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

60 Years of Made in Italy at Pavilion KL - Part 3

Moschino Iconic Biker Bag Exhibition

Moschino Biker Bags on Harley-Davidson motorcycle

The official write-up reads:

Italian luxury fashion label Moschino created by Jeremy Scott presents the phenomenal creativity this season with the unique exhibition of Moschino iconic biker bags made of the finest calf leather complete with extended arms and legs riding on Harley-Davidson motorcycle, results in the eye-catching and evocative manifesto of fashion, ever present and ubiquitous in the Moschino DNA. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

60 Years of Made in Italy at Pavilion KL - Part 2

Gianfranco Ferre black evening gown

Now for the dresses that took my breath away when I laid eyes on them.  My favourite dress at the exhibition was this black Gianfranco Ferré dress.  The official description reads as follows:

Black evening gown with multi-layered plissé taffeta flounces and silk top with silk and lace sleeves (Autumn/Winter 2005/06)

I love way the skirt is constructed! I could stare at it all day long.  I always associated Gianfranco Ferré with menswear and never knew that he was once creative director at Christian Dior although it should hardly come as a surprise after seeing this dress. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

60 Years of Made in Italy at Pavilion KL - Part 1

Last September, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur played host to an exhibition titled “60 Years of Made in Italy”.  Fashion exhibitions are extremely rare in Kuala Lumpur.  I ended up having to go twice because of the incomplete information printed in the local newspaper.  While the exhibition ran for two weeks, I was unaware that all the other sub-exhibitions like Maison Versace Exhibition, Gucci The Icons of Heritage Exhibition and others began and ended at different times.   The first time that I went, only the Moschino Iconic Biker Bag Exhibition had opened.  The Maison Versace Exhibition was still under construction!  Imagine my dismay! 

I dithered, flip flopping between wanting to go and being too lazy to go.  I finally convinced my slothful self that I would eternally regret not going to a free exhibition about Italian fashion and headed off to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur again.  Yes, I know that the exhibition was held a year ago but I enjoyed looking through the pictures again so I decided to post them. 

In order not to crowd a single post with pictures, I have split the content into several posts.  The first post will cover the dresses set up on the steps leading to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s main Bukit Bintang entrance.  I thought the setup was beautiful and grand.  At the bottom of the steps was Maison Versace.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Honeydew Bubble Skirt

Bill Blass Jeans shirt
CK Calvin Klein silk bubble skirt
Fausto Zanetti shoes
One of my favourite skirts was purchased during my very first sample sale (8 years ago!!) in Kuala Lumpur.  I had rushed off to Isetan in Suria KLCC during my lunch hour for the Club 21 designer clearance.  There wasn’t a lot of merchandise and the space was small but there, I landed my first designer purchase from a sample sale.  It was a honeydew-coloured silk bubble skirt with tiny peachy pink beads sewn around the waist by CK Calvin Klein.  It was beautiful, fully lined in silk and originally priced at MYR599.  I saw that it had been marked down to MYR80 and decided that I had to have it.  It was a lot of money to me then but I couldn’t leave it there.   

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Seeing Red - The Angpow Dress

Armani Exchange red silk dress
Longchamp snakeskin heels
Red, the colour of prosperity and power, has long been associated with women.  Immortalised in Chris de Burgh’s song “Lady in Red”, so loved by fashion designer Valentino Garavani that “Valentino Red” became his signature colour, red is the colour to wear on the occasion you wish to make an impression. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mall Rat – Pavilion KL, Starhill Gallery, Fahrenheit88, Lot 10

Last weekend, I darted to the Bukit Bintang area to pick up some things from Uniqlo Fahrenheit88.  Here are some shots from the short shopping trip. 
Origami tulips at the main entrance of Pavilion

Origami tulips near Celine
First, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.  Since Mother’s Day was last Sunday, there were flowers galore.  The mall had decorated its premises with origami tulips. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur - Amcorp Mall


Amcorp Mall has a weekend flea market where vendors sell knick knacks and second-hand clothing.  I have been there several times but never found anything worth buying from the flea market. 
Fortunately, there are a few second-hand shops which operate on weekdays as well.  These shops might also be known as “bundle shops” where the owners buy second-hand clothing in bulk from overseas (usually Japan, Australia and Europe) to sell.  Please note that the proceeds from any sales do not go to charity. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Recent Purchases, Deals and American Eagle Outfitters

Talbots floral cotton shirt
CK Calvin Klein silk skirt
Fausto Zanetti leather shoes
After the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia, prices of almost all goods have increased, much to the dismay of the citizens.  I planned to buy less clothes and shoes and stop hoarding cosmetics.  I did a stock-take of my clothes and cosmetics and concluded that I have enough to last me at least another two years. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Mall Rat – One Utama

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My next door neighbor is renovating his property and of course, noise is inevitable.  Recently, the drilling and knocking became so loud that they reverberated through my cranium until I could no longer bear it.  I made a hasty escape to One Utama.

One Utama is not my favourite mall.  To me, it is something of a neighbourhood mall where everyone brings their family and maids out on weekends to dine and shop for groceries.  One Utama houses four department stores – Parkson, Isetan, Tangs and Aeon.  It is also home to H&M, Monki (the only other store to date is in Nu Sentral), Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Daiso, Padini Concept Store and the usual suspects at any other mall.  Strangely, there is no longer an MNG store in One Utama. 
Daiso My Melody stickers, Mickey Mouse storage box
My first stop was Daiso.  Daiso has lots of cute but useless stuff as well as useful stuff.  Sometimes, you might find cute and useful stuff like this black-and-white Mickey Mouse cardboard storage box.  I think it’s pretty chic!  Look at how pretty the strawberry-themed My Melody stickers are!  Even the little poem on the stickers is cute. 

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – The Bless Shop

thrift Moschino Cheap and Chic
Red Moschino Cheap and Chic wool jacket at The Bless Shop
No, I dithered and didn't buy it and it was gone the next time I went back!

The Bless Shop is run by a local church and all profits go to support charity.  The best thing about The Bless Shop is that they have several locations.  The ones in Citta Mall and Mid Valley Megamall are the most accessible ones and carry mostly clothing.  There are other shops in other locations that stock furniture, electrical goods, toys, books and other household items.  In general, I find that the items in The Bless Shop are much cleaner than those in other thrift shops. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Leopard Lovin’ – The Leopard Print Wallet

Zara leopard print wallet
Zara leopard print wallet
This leopard print  Zara wallet has seen better days.  I bought it for MYR49.90 at one of Zara’s sales.  The calf hair exterior has shed most of its hair due to repeated friction during the course of normal usage.  I do love this wallet but I wouldn’t buy another like it again.  The wallet has studs on it and I found that the shape of the studs was imprinted onto my thighs when I kept it in my pants or skirt pockets!   

Until next time, the hunt for leopard print continues…..

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Leopard Lovin’ - The Leopard Print Blouse

leopard print blouse
New Look leopard print blouse
Uniqlo khaki skirt with pockets
Unisa red shoes
I snagged this draped leopard print top by New Look many years ago in F.O.S. One Utama.  It is slightly big but it was the only one available so I bought it anyway. I like the print and the fact that it isn’t overly sexy or tight (as leopard print clothing tend to be).  This top garnered plenty of compliments, from my co-workers to my mother to the petrol station attendant (random, I know!).  I hadn’t expected it to be so popular.  While it is very comfortable and easy to wear, the arm holes seem to be getting larger and larger.  I guess it won’t be long before I have to say a sad goodbye to it. 

Until next time, the hunt for leopard print continues…..

Monday, 4 May 2015

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – Overview

thrift buys
Some of my thrift buys

There is no doubt that the latest shopping trend is thrift shopping.  Numerous fashionistas profiled in magazines state that they shop for vintage fashion at flea markets and thrift shops.  Even local Malaysian style websites have jumped on the bandwagon and featured thrift finds and how to wear them. 

For years, I lived vicariously through the finds of the fabulous thrift shoppers on The Purse Forum, wondering occasionally if I should attempt to go thrift shopping in big, bad Kuala Lumpur.   And then I read an old article from the Star that changed my life.  A vintage Chanel purse found for MYR10 at the Amcorp Mall flea market?!  CHANEL?!  With Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be Me” playing in a loop in my head, I decided that I should get myself to a thrift shop.  And guess what, I have been popping into thrift shops every since then. 

Now, when people write about thrift shopping in Kuala Lumpur, they tend not to mention certain things that readers might want to know before they decide to get down and dirty (literally) in thrift shops all over town.  So here they are, gleaned from my years of thrift shopping and wasted money. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Accessories Acquisitions – Lovisa and Forever21

Here are some of my recent acquisitions on the accessories front.  There plenty of other tantalising accessories on sale so I had to exercise a lot of self-control!  All these were purchased on sale as I try not to buy costume jewelry at full prices. 
Lovisa crystal bangle
Lovisa crystal bangle
This rather oddly-shaped gold toned bangle with a row of crystals is from Lovisa.  It was marked down to MYR10 from MYR29.90 and comes in silver and rose gold (I think) as well.  I have been wearing it since I bought it and am now thinking of buying a few more to stack.  Lovisa has some other items on sale if you are looking to update your current look with accessories. 
Forever21 earrings
Forever21 buy 2 get 1 free earrings
Forever21 was running a “buy 2 free 1” offer on all jewelry.  I picked up three pairs of earrings for MYR10.  This was the cheapest option but I felt that the earrings priced at MYR10 per pair weren’t much prettier than those priced at MYR5 per pair.  Necklaces were more expensive so I didn’t look at them.I like the giant studs.  They may be fake but they are still fun to wear!  I haven’t worn the other two pairs yet. 

Overall, I am happy with my purchases and I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of them thanks to their unobtrusive and office appropriate nature.  In the meantime, I will be obsessing over how many bangles to get and whether I should mix metals.  Decisions, decisions!

Le Creuset Lands in Mid Valley Megamall

Le Creuset window display
Le Creuset Mid Valley Megamall window display
Le Creuset, the maker of iconic, enamelled cast-iron French ovens in a delectable rainbow of colours that could double up as arm weights, has opened a standalone store in Mid Valley Megamall.  While this is Le Creuset’s first standalone store in Malaysia, the brand has been in available in various department stores for years.  Perhaps the large turnout at the brand’s family sale at Novetel last October showed that a standalone store was the right way forward?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Leopard Lovin’ - The Leopard Print Shoes

leopard print shoes and rainboots
Leopard print rain boots from Taiwan
Polo Ralph Lauren cargo pants
Diva necklace
Bellerinas leopard print ballet flats
Vincci leopard print pointy pumps
Loft pocket tee

People say that leopard print is tacky.  I, for one, am a fan of walking on the wild side.  After all, I consider the leopard to be a very fashionable feline.  A spot of leopard print never fails to enliven a plain outfit and pique the interest of people around you when you least expect it.