Sunday, 3 May 2015

Le Creuset Lands in Mid Valley Megamall

Le Creuset window display
Le Creuset Mid Valley Megamall window display
Le Creuset, the maker of iconic, enamelled cast-iron French ovens in a delectable rainbow of colours that could double up as arm weights, has opened a standalone store in Mid Valley Megamall.  While this is Le Creuset’s first standalone store in Malaysia, the brand has been in available in various department stores for years.  Perhaps the large turnout at the brand’s family sale at Novetel last October showed that a standalone store was the right way forward?

I have never used Le Creuset cookware before so I cannot say anything about their functionality.  I can hardly lift the cover of their French ovens (Ok, I can’t afford them either but that’s beside the point, right??)!  But I can appreciate and admire their very pretty colours.  They must be some the most beautiful cookware around. 

I went to poke around the new store in the lower ground floor of Mid Valley Megamall a few days ago.  The sales staff was very helpful and enthusiastic and there was a cooking demonstration going on.  There were also a few men milling around muttering, “What’s so great about it?!”  There were discounts from 30% to 50% and some French ovens were on sale for 50% off.  I couldn’t resist taking some spy photos.  

Le Creuset chiffon pink

I guess that these are from the “chiffon pink” collection.  They are so very lovely and girly!  Those who are looking for heart-shaped kitchenware might like to know that Le Creuset has heart-shaped plates as shown above, heart-shaped teacup and saucer sets and heart-shaped ramekins! 

Le Creuset French ovens

Le Creuset French oven and ramekins

French ovens and a sort of seashell theme going on in the window display. 

Le Creuset cookware

This is the counter where the cooking demonstration was held.  I think there was a whole fish that was steamed in one of the orange French ovens.  The orange is Le Creuset’s signature colour.  I used to like orange the best but that chiffon pink has stolen my heart and won’t return it!

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