Saturday, 2 May 2015

Leopard Lovin’ - The Leopard Print Shoes

leopard print shoes and rainboots
Leopard print rain boots from Taiwan
Polo Ralph Lauren cargo pants
Diva necklace
Bellerinas leopard print ballet flats
Vincci leopard print pointy pumps
Loft pocket tee

People say that leopard print is tacky.  I, for one, am a fan of walking on the wild side.  After all, I consider the leopard to be a very fashionable feline.  A spot of leopard print never fails to enliven a plain outfit and pique the interest of people around you when you least expect it. 

I had been searching for rain boots for a while.  I used to park in an outdoor car park when I went to work and I would think that it would be so nice to have a pair of rain boots whenever it rained and I had to schlep my way to my car with the rain soaking my shoes and feet.  Somehow, it was quite difficult to find a pair of reasonably priced rain boots in Malaysia.  I finally found this ankle-high pair in Taiwan for about MYR40.  I had originally wanted black rain boots but they only had the leopard print ones in my size.  I think I should have bought the knee-high ones instead to keep out the rain better. 

The Vincci leopard print pumps above have reached the end of their useful lives.  Such a pity as I really loved this pair of shoes!  The heel was low enough that I could wear them anywhere.  Everyone who saw them seemed to want them as well.  Of course, that was not possible as I had bought them on sale for MYR29.50 and Vincci has not produced them since.  One of my friends even asked if they were furry and if she could touch them (yes, they were and yes, I let her touch them).   Fingers crossed that Vincci will make them again. 
leopard print ballet flats
Bellerinas leopard print ballet flats
Last year, I wandered into Tangs One Utama one weekend to find that they had a “buy 1 pair for 80% off, buy 2 pairs for 90% off” sale.  Granted, there was not much choice left but by some miracle, they had this pair of leopard print ballet flats in my size.  I had my eye on them for a long time but they were far too expensive.  So, imagine my delight at finding them for such a great price!

Until next time, the hunt for leopard print continues…..

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