Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Mall Rat - Suria KLCC Part 1

The fountain and park at Suria KLCC
It has been a while since I have wandered around Suria KLCC without an agenda.  I usually go there to meet people and never stay for long.  With the parking rates being notoriously high, checking out the shops can be an expensive affair! 
When I ended up in Suria KLCC a few days ago without a plan or anyone to meet, I discovered that the mall had changed far more than I realised during my past walk-throughs.  And boy, were there many things to photograph!  Definitely a window shopper’s dream! 
Since there are so many photographs, I will split them into several posts instead of writing a lengthy post with a gazillion photographs that take forever to load. 


Suria KLCC has a sizeable and well-maintained park with a large fountain and green trees.  I have always wanted to check out the park but the sweltering tropical heat and lack of time have made it impossible thus far.  I have, however, walked from the mall to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and have always enjoyed the walk.  Plenty of trees and clean walkways make it a lovely walk when the sun isn’t beating down on you.

View of the fountain from Kinokuniya Bookstore, Suria KLCC
If you are in Kinokuniya Bookstore on the top floor of Suria KLCC, make sure to catch a look at the view of the fountain.  It never fails to mesmerize me. 
Now onto the shops!  Versace’s window display was surprisingly minimalist. 
Leopard and glitter ballet flats from French Sole
French Sole’s store is tucked away in a corner near the entrance to Marini’s on 57. Spotted some leopard print ballet flats in the window but the prints (and prices) aren’t to my taste.  Glitter ballet flats aplenty but none to my liking either.  The store is having a sale but nothing seemed very attractive.  I was surprised to find Tokidoki for London Sole ballet flats in-store.  I remember seeing the pair with Donutella on them. 
Yes!  Phwoar!  Anya Hindmarch!
Anya Hindmarch has gone all pop art crazy.  It sure makes for an exciting window display!
Diane Von Furstenberg - Be the woman you want to be!
Diane Von Furstenberg’s window display featured prints and bright colours.  On the wall was an inspiring quote: Be the woman you want to be!  I wouldn’t expect anything less from DVF!  By the way, look at the number of lights in the store. 
Agent Provocateur - not
Agent Provocateur’s window showed mannequins dressed in unprovocative swimwear that looks like something primary school girls might wear to the pool.  I expected more from you, Agent Provocateur!
Wear Seen and Be Seen
This is an ensemble by Seen, a boutique located on Level 3 of the mall.  Doesn’t it make you want to flap your batwings and fly away?  The shoulders and the pockets (I’m assuming they are pockets) that jut out will ensure that no one is in your personal space.  Or the outfit in general will achieve that all the same. 
Shine bright like a diamond
Cartier’s window display featured pieces from their Trinity line.  
Max Mara's window display - breathtaking
I really loved Max Mara’s window display.  The white paper flowers looked fresh and crisp, not cheap. The fake crested cockatoos were a nice, unexpected touch.  The clothes looked very wearable and comfortable but still stylish.  
Max Mara - love the green skirt!
I thought that the full green skirt with a shorter front hem and bow at the waist was so beautiful.  I am still dreaming about it!  It looks feminine yet not stuffy and the colour is a breath of fresh (green) air.  Imagine all the tops you could pair with this skirt!  Formal shirts and blouses, t-shirts, bodysuits, tank tops etc.  The possibilities are endless!  I must start hunting for a similar style with a smaller price tag. 

Gotta catch them all.........
I always try and swing by Kinokuniya Bookstore when I am in Suria KLCC.  The wooden floors, imported magazines, cute stationery and knick knacks never fail to inspire me and lift my mood.  On this particular visit, I entered through the side entrance near Isetan.  This contraption fascinated me to no end.  Everything was moving like clockwork!  I don’t even know what to call it.  I could have stood there staring at it forever.  Actually, the whole display is made up of individual units, which are displayed on the way to the cashier near the English magazine section and are for sale.  I like the carousel! 

This concludes the first part of my ambling around Suria KLCC. 

Next: Chanel and Louis Vuitton

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