Friday, 29 May 2015

Mall Rat - Suria KLCC Part 2 - Chanel and Louis Vuitton

A small window display at the back of the Chanel boutique
The back view of the Chanel boutique in Suria KLCC - do you see the door?
I was heading out of the French Sole boutique in Suria KLCC when I saw the back of the Chanel boutique.  Although it was the back of the boutique, there were still small window displays as shown above.  I was peering at the displays when the back door suddenly opened and a staff member walked out!  It gave me a scare.  I liked the cute pink tweed locks. 

Chanel ballet flats, wallets and sunglasses
 Yellow seems to be the “in” colour this season, with numerous designers featuring the sunny colour in their designs and window displays. 

More blue and yellow quilted bags and small leather goods.  
Spot the bright yellow tweed lock in the window display!

Chanel boutique window display
I couldn’t get clear shots of the front window displays.  Perhaps the lights in the window were too bright.  I was delighted to see the 5X5  = Chanel bag in the window, as well as the multicoloured Chanel Boy bag. 


In another window, there were Chanel Boy bags in pink, grey and black stingray.  Barbie pink seems to be a designer favourite this season, too.


I spotted yet another multicoloured Chanel Boy bag in the boutique window.  They really are pushing this bag, huh?  There was also a Chanel Girl bag on a shelf. 

Red and black
Onto Louis Vuitton!  Red and black were the major colours in the Louis Vuitton window display.  No pink or yellow to be found here.  I must say, I am really loving the Louis Vuitton Saint Germain pochette in red! 

Pallas bags - does the name remind anyone of school shoes?
On the left is the Pallas Chain Monogram Canvas bag.  The red flap is a nice pop of colour against the iconic monogram canvas. On the right are Pallas Monogram Canvas bags.  Of course, I like the red one!  The size seems just nice and the fact that a long shoulder strap can be attached makes it very wearable. 


Finally, the Louis Vuitton Montaigne Monogram Canvas and Montaigne Rouge Empreinte bags. 

Next:  Ralph Lauren!!!!!!!

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