Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mall Rat – Suria KLCC Part 3 – Ralph Lauren

Having not shopped properly at Suria KLCC for many years, I had no idea that Ralph Lauren had relocated to such an enormous space.  I was also unaware that Ralph Lauren Collection (i.e. runway) was now available in Kuala Lumpur.  What a long way we have come, from having only Ralph Lauren Blue Label in Isetan KLCC, One Utama and later on, Pavilion!  Although Ralph Lauren Collection (actually, Ralph Lauren anything) might be out of most of our budgets, we can still admire and be inspired, no?


This beautiful window display featuring a gorgeous yellow dress and vivid pink petals in baskets greeted me as I walked past the boutique on my way elsewhere.  Although pink and yellow has been in many a designer’s palette this season, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea until I saw Ralph Lauren’s interpretation of the two unlikely bedfellows in this window.  So lovely! 

Look at the multicoloured jewels festooning the neck!  Who needs diamonds when you can have a rainbow of sparkly gems?  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Lovisa will come up with an inspired version soon! 

The same sunny dress next to a khaki suit in another window display


The other window displays showed mostly tailored separates in khaki with a shot of fuchsia here and there.  I never thought fuchsia and khaki would go together but Ralph Lauren has convinced me otherwise.  I am dying to give it a try myself but I realised that I have nothing fuchsia in my closet.  Oh well, another thing to add to my shopping list……………

Ricky bag
There were several Ricky bags (named for Ralph Lauren’s wife Ricky) in the windows in different colours. 


I thought that the classic car models in the windows with the menswear and men’s bags were so cute. 


On another floor, in another corner of Suria KLCC, was the Ralph Lauren Kids boutique.  I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down and squealing, “Sooooo cute!”  I loved, loved, loved the furniture, the clothes, the flowers, the pictures and the bears!  In short, everything.

Say hi to the bunny popping out of the box
An outfit for a fine, dandy young gentleman
Stripes, checks and florals in the same window?  Yes, it works!
This was my favourite window display for Ralph Lauren Kids, thanks to the doggie in the window.  You know, the one with the waggly tail.  

Yellow and pink tulips!
Close-up of the puppy dog
Tea, anybody?

I loved all the details and effort that went into designing the window displays.  See how the t-shirts with a very adorable dog are stacked up?  The teapot and teacups and striped tablecloth with lace trimming are so pretty although they seem more “auntie” and less “kiddie” to me.    

Pink flowers, pink butterflies and a hare on the table.  Seersucker dresses.  
Sigh.  If only my home life could look like a Ralph Lauren Kids window display!  I wonder what they do with their old window props.  Heck, I wonder where they source their props!  I wouldn’t mind buying some of those pretty pink monarch butterflies and flowers to decorate my own house. 
Fresh orange juice by Ralph Lauren Kids
Since we are on the topic of old window displays, here are a few shots of the past window display that I took in March.  I’m guessing the theme was summer juice stands? 

I am still amazed every time I visit Ralph Lauren (adults and kids!).  Everything is tasteful, appropriate, proper and stylish.  In an age where designers seem to aim to push the boundaries of propriety (read: anything designed for Beyonce and Kim Kardashian lately), Ralph Lauren is like a soothing balm to my soul and proof that fashion does not need to be loud or shocking or weird.  And yes, you might have guessed from my fawning over Ralph Lauren that he is my favourite designer.  More on him soon!  

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