Saturday, 16 May 2015

Seeing Red - The Angpow Dress

Armani Exchange red silk dress
Longchamp snakeskin heels
Red, the colour of prosperity and power, has long been associated with women.  Immortalised in Chris de Burgh’s song “Lady in Red”, so loved by fashion designer Valentino Garavani that “Valentino Red” became his signature colour, red is the colour to wear on the occasion you wish to make an impression. 

Once, I wore this tomato red sleeveless Armani Exchange silk dress on the first day of work after the Chinese New Year holidays.  The obvious comments I received were that I resembled an angpow(red packet).  Someone else said that I looked like I was wearing 1960s fashion because the dress was a little short and straight cut without any darts.  During lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we sat at a table covered with the typical red tablecloth used in such restaurants.  Of course, I was snapped with the red tablecloth, wearing the red dress.  Looking at the picture, I realised that I couldn’t tell where my dress ended and where the tablecloth started!  My dress had provided the perfect camouflage against the tablecloth, much to everyone’s amusement.  Sadly, I can’t seem to find that photo anymore.  What a pity, it provided so much comic relief. 

This is the oldest photo I can find of the dress (apologies for the blurry photo).  It was taken in my grandmother’s house during another Chinese New Year.  You can see part of the floor mat made out of fabric remnants and the slippers studded with stones in the insole to encourage blood circulation.  You may notice that the hem of the dress look different in the two photos.  The dress originally had a bubble hem (shown here) but I later removed it because I felt that the dress was too short.  

To those would love to wear red but are afraid to, I say throw caution to the wind!  Who knows, you might be the inspiration behind the next chart topper about an intriguing lady wearing scarlet.  

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