Monday, 29 June 2015

BudgetConsumer – Stationery Offers at One Utama

Typo, One Utama.  Hello Kitty!
I headed to One Utama to see if the H&M store had a certain blouse that was on sale in my size.  I am quite bored of One Utama and haven’t found anything to buy there for a long time.  Sadly, I did not get the blouse that I wanted so off I went to explore the rest of the mall.  By the way, H&M is having seasonal deals now.  Prices are great and stock seems to be flying off the shelves! 

Daiso is my favourite haunt when I have nothing to buy.  There is always something cute, fascinating and cheap at Daiso!  I never knew that there are two Daiso stores in One Utama.  I usually go to the Daiso in the new wing near Cold Storage but I discovered that there is another Daiso under Aeon supermarket in the old wing.  The Daiso under Aeon sells food products whereas the one in the new wing does not. 

Well, Daiso had the cutest Disney stationery!  The storage box with lid with vintage Mickey Mouse prints looks grown up enough that your co-workers won’t think you’re a childish freak.  Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse exercise books are also available at Daiso, as are notepads with Snow White and Mickey and Minnie on them. 


Spiral-bound notebook with Minnie Mouse planting a kiss on a delighted Mickey Mouse?  Check!  A Mickey notepad (larger than the Snow White one)?  Check!  Everything looks so adorable and at MYR5.30, far cheaper than Disney merchandise anywhere.  My favourite stationery items are the memo pads with Mickey and Minnie on them.  No, I do not recommend you take messages for your boss on these memos.  By the way, most of the Disney stationery seems so lovey dovey. 

Having found nothing exciting in the rest of the mall, I stopped by at Typo just to ogle at their stuff.  I love Typo but I find them expensive for frivolous fluff that I don’t need.  For the uninitiated, Typo sells stationery with supposedly witty saying on them, magnets, some decorations, chalk, lights, etc.  Everything is cute but nothing is cheap. 


To my surprise, Typo was having a “Buy 1 Free 1” offer on sale merchandise. There wasn’t a lot of choice but I wasn’t complaining!  You see, Typo rarely has good sales.  The magnets and the small Minnie Mouse notepad shown above were MYR5 before the offer.  The picture of the pug was MYR40-50. 


So what did I get?  I got a magnetic planner for my fridge!  It came with a whiteboard marker as well.  I got the A4 size, which was only MYR5.  They had A3 size ones which were MYR30.  I was quite happy to get two magnetic planners for MYR5!

Anyway, if you’re itching to get something (or even anything) from Typo, you should check out this offer! 

Happy shopping!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – The Ones That Got Away

Ah, regrets!  I have a few.  I know that thrift shopping is meant to be cheap enough so that you can shop without denting your wallet but the prices here aren’t always like that.  For example, a MYR500 Christian Monsieur coat (yes, I’m never going to get over the audacity of it).  Or a MYR500 Celine coat (latest example of overpriced and outdated designer goods in Malaysian thrift shops).  Or a pair of Valentino Rockstud flats for MYR530 (I am unsure of the authenticity but at this price, I’ll just forget it). 

But I digress.  I have chalked up quite a few regrets while thrift shopping.  Worse, I didn’t even take photos of some of them to obsess over later on! 
Horribly blur photos, I know.  Thrift shop lighting!
I found this Karen Millen cheongsam or qipao in a thrift shop last year.  I was hemming and hawing and decided to think about it.  Somebody else bought it for the grand sum of MYR250.  It came with a matching pair of pants as well, which was quite odd to me.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Accessories Acquisitions – Lovisa earrings

Lovisa recently ran a sale with discounts up to 70% off.  I was unable to resist the lure of shiny accessories so off I went to two different Lovisa stores. 

From left:
Lovisa wing earrings
Lovisa starburst earrings
Lovisa green drop earrings
There were so many nice things!  I had to exercise extreme restraint to purchase only three pairs of earrings, all shown above.  

Lovisa wing necklace
I have the wing necklace so I was happy to find the matching earrings!  Lovisa does repeat some of its designs as I fell in love with and bought the wing necklace a few years ago (at full price, no less). 

All sparkly under the camera flash
I adore the starburst earrings.  They look very similar to Kenneth Jay Lane’s Double Crystal Starburst Clip-on Earrings (see here and here for the bracelet version).  Somehow, I think that they would look good with a one-shoulder dress. 

The teardrop green earrings were a “good-to-have” buy.  The price and colour convinced me that I should buy them. 

The sale is over for now and all Lovisa seems to have reverted back to pre-sale prices for the sale stock (?!).  All the more reason to purchase only during sales!  

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

BeautyConsumer- Makeup Brushes, Lessons Learnt and Money Wasted – Part 2

Besides makeup brushes for the face, I also acquired too many eyeshadow brushes over time.  Some were good, some were not.  In hindsight, I think that some were unnecessary.  Here we go!

From left:
Etude House eye contour brush
Etude House oblique shadow brush
Sephora concealer brush
Manicare eyeshadow brush
Essence eyeshadow brush
Sasatinnie round eyeshadow brush
Etude House angled eyeliner brush
Heavy Rotation gel eyeliner brush
Etude House eye contour brush

Price:  MYR10 (Normal price was MYR19.90 but I bought it during a “Buy 1, Free 1” promotion.  I think prices may have increased since then). 
Comments:  Soft, fluffy bristles that do not shed or bleed.  No complaints here. 
Repurchase:  Yes, as long as the price is less than MYR20. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

BeautyConsumer- Makeup Brushes, Lessons Learnt and Money Wasted – Part 1

When I first became obsessed with makeup, brushes were not on the top of my shopping list.  After some time, the “you are only as good as your tools” mantra preached by almost all the beauty blogs that I religiously devoured got stuck in my head and I began my quest for makeup brushes.  Being new to the game, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes.  You’ll find out how well that went!  I am not a beauty expert but I hope that my layman opinions can help you save some money. 

I will cover face brushes in this post.  Smaller brushes will be covered in another post. 

Face brushes, from left:
Sephora foundation brush
Elianto foundation brush
ELF complexion brush
Real Techniques expert face brush
Etude House dual fibre cheek glow brush
Essence angled blush brush
Sephora foundation brush

Price:  MYR28.50 (I bought this brush last year during Sephora’s National Day promotion of “buy 2 for MYR57”)
Comments:  No shedding or bleeding.  So far, so good! The handle is a bit long, though. 
Repurchase:  Yes, but I won’t be willing to spend more than MYR35 on it. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Orange Trousers

Ralph Lauren Blue Label orange long-sleeved t-shirt
Lauren Ralph Lauren orange linen trousers
Topshop black furry bag
Barachini gold leaf sandals
Lola & Grace leather bracelet with Swarovski Elements
Some years ago, I stumbled upon some brightly coloured linen trousers that came in orange, pale pink and fuchsia in F.O.S.  I was so excited but it can be difficult to wear bright clothes when you aren’t feeling particularly brave.  So, I shied away and decided not to buy any.  By the time I finally decided that I should get some, having been unable to get them out of my mind, the only pair left in my size was orange in colour.  I had been lusting after the fuchsia trousers but had to settle for the orange ones. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015

Welcome to Floria 2015!
Daffodil-like orchids
Pale pink orchids
It was a blisteringly hot afternoon when I visited the Royal Floria Putrajaya Festival last week.  Yes, it was my idea to go there at 2 p.m. when the sun is most vicious but the alternative was to risk a thunderstorm in the late afternoon.  Of course, as per Murphy’s Law, clear skies prevailed throughout the afternoon.

Phalaenopsis or moth orchids at the orchid competition

Saturday, 6 June 2015

H&M Home - Malaysia

A pleasing sight indeed at H&M Home
I will admit, I have never cared about interior decorating and prefer to decorate myself.  When faced with peer pressure, I always stated that Madonna’s apartment was devoid of furniture and décor when she was discovered and that I was emulating her example (you can read about it here:  
Pink and mint green never looked better!
That was before I walked into H&M Home.  Having seen photos on various blogs after H&M Home first opened in Avenue K, I was curious to see what the big deal was about.  To my delight, H&M Home opened in Kuching as well.  Considering that I visit Kuching about as many times as I visit Avenue K in a year, it was hardly surprising that I would first set foot in H&M Home in Kuching.  Some of the photos are from H&M Home Kuching and others are from H&M Home Avenue K. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mall Rat – Yellow Fever (Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens Mall, Pavilion KL)

And it was all yellow..............
School holidays are in full swing here in Malaysia.  Yellow is definitely the colour of the season with certain yellow-coloured characters making their appearances in some malls around town.  But first, some fashion-related photographs!

Walking the pet flamingos.
Kate Spade’s window display now features a mannequin walking flamingos on leashes.  I love the pink of the flamingos and the cute (although a bit nonsensical) concept.  Seriously, what do stores do with their window display props?  Especially props like these?  I’m dying to know. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

BudgetConsumer - Sales and Offers Spotted Around Kuala Lumpur

Here is a brief summary of some of the sales and offers I spotted around town.  I didn’t manage to take photos of all the offers and sales, though. 

Pretty Repetto Mary Jane heels
Repetto (Pavilion KL) is having a sale until 14 June 2015 with discounts up to 70% off.  There is a fair selection of merchandise at 50% and 70% off but I am unsure about sizes.  Classic colours such as black and red are not discounted.  I hope you have a pleasant visit as mine was marred by a woman (probably a more senior staff member from the back-end office as she was not wearing a uniform) scolding one of the sales assistants in Cantonese for all the 15 minutes that I was browsing. And slapping the counter emphatically at one point.  The perfect juxtaposition:  aggression against the backdrop of pretty, dainty pink tutus and pointe shoes.  Sounds like a great idea for a fashion shoot! 


The Loaf is offering a 50% discount off its new specialty menu if you dine out for 2 during weekdays only.  According to their Facebook page, the offer has been going on since end of March!  Wow!  By the way, I haven’t tried it. 


H&M is having a “Buy 1, get 70% off another item” offer for selected items only.  For those looking to buy bras (especially nude bras) from H&M, it looks like a huge shipment of bras just arrived!  I could see no lack of sizes in H&M Lot 10. 

Image credit:  Parkson's website
Parkson is having a purchase-with-purchase offer for Corelle Dinnerware in European Herbs and Sakura designs. 
OPI Pink, Yet Lavender nail polish.  
Shins is having their mid-year sale which includes discounts up to 40% off on OPI nail polish.  It wasn’t really clear to me what discount applied to which polishes so you will need to check in-store.  Please do check the names of the OPI nail polishes before you pay.  I had asked for Rose of Light but the sales assistants kept pulling wrong colours out of the cupboards.  Apparently, they didn’t know that there are names on the bottom of the bottle.  Finally, when they shoved a pink glitter at me, I thought it was Rose of Light and forgot to check the name on the bottom of the bottle!  It was only when I got home that I found out they had given me Pink, Yet Lavender.  Oh well, at least it was 40% off *trying to console self*.  According to their website, Magnetix nail polish is 70% off. 

That is all for now!  I expect that most of the other shops will go on sale closer to July, as they usually do every year.  May many good deals await us! 

Monday, 1 June 2015

BudgetConsumer – Sasa Factory Outlet, Sungei Wang Plaza

Sasa Factory Outlet!
I was killing time waiting for my favourite nail polish supply shop to open when I saw the sign “Sasa Factory Outlet”.  I never knew that Sasa had a factory outlet!  I had to go in to investigate. 

Bad news first.  Despite the signs saying “Urban discount store” and “Factory outlet price”, the whole store is not a factory outlet.  About half the store carries normal-priced merchandise like any other Sasa.  More bad news:  most of the discounted goods are nearing their expiry dates. 

The good news is that the discounts are up to 70%.  I didn’t look at fragrances carefully enough but they were marked at flat prices (still at least MYR150 though).  There were a few testers available for makeup as well. 

What I spotted, from memory (I couldn’t take any spy pictures because the famous Sasa sales assistant hovering is not discounted in the factory outlet):  
  • Pupa pencil eyeliners (I assume they are the Pupa Multiply Triple-Purpose Eye Pencils) mostly in brighter colours.  Expiry date: December 2015.  Price: MYR15. 
  • Pupa blushes and eyeshadows (not that many)
  • ArtDeco eyeshadow singles, 3 for MYR12, expiring in December 2015
  • A few ArtDeco foundations and loose powders at 70% off (not worth it, in my opinion)
  • BeautyTalk whitening mask MYR 1 each (I think).  Only 1 piece per package. 
  • Giovanni hair and body travel kits MYR10 each.  Some expire in September 2015, some in December 2015.  Each kit has shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. 
  • A lot of Swiss Rituel stuff
  • A few random things like eyelash curlers, exfoliating gloves etc.  
So what did I get?  I was very tempted to get the Pupa eyeliners but decided against it as I probably won’t use them.  I would’ve gotten them if they were cheaper though!  I ended up getting 2 Giovanni travel kits as I already use Giovanni products and the small sizes mean that I should be able to use them up quickly. 
Giovanni Flight Attendant First Class Hair & Body Kit (TSA Compliant too)
In conclusion, I don’t think that you should go all the way to Sungei Wang Plaza just to visit the Sasa Factory Outlet.  However, if you are already planning a visit to Sungei Wang Plaza, you might want to stop by to check the store out.  Do remember to check the expiry dates of the products before you buy! 
Sasa Factory Outlet
G120, Blue Zone
Ground Floor

Sungei Wang Plaza

Accessories: Big is Beautiful

Clockwise from top:
Teardrop earrings, Diva
Cluster earrings, Vincci Accessories
Custom-made tourmaline, amethyst and lemon quartz pendant
Chandelier earrings with briolettes, Diva
Heart earrings, Forever21
Ice-blue earrings, Forever21
When it comes to selecting accessories, I tend to favour the “bigger is better” concept over the “dainty and pretty” concept.  I do love small and simple earrings but most of the time, I prefer my earrings to be part of my outfit rather than a small embellishment.  Chandelier earrings?  Shoulder dusters?  Ear cuffs?  Knuckle dusters?  Yes, please!  I could never say no to a colourful accessory, either.