Friday, 19 June 2015

Accessories Acquisitions – Lovisa earrings

Lovisa recently ran a sale with discounts up to 70% off.  I was unable to resist the lure of shiny accessories so off I went to two different Lovisa stores. 

From left:
Lovisa wing earrings
Lovisa starburst earrings
Lovisa green drop earrings
There were so many nice things!  I had to exercise extreme restraint to purchase only three pairs of earrings, all shown above.  

Lovisa wing necklace
I have the wing necklace so I was happy to find the matching earrings!  Lovisa does repeat some of its designs as I fell in love with and bought the wing necklace a few years ago (at full price, no less). 

All sparkly under the camera flash
I adore the starburst earrings.  They look very similar to Kenneth Jay Lane’s Double Crystal Starburst Clip-on Earrings (see here and here for the bracelet version).  Somehow, I think that they would look good with a one-shoulder dress. 

The teardrop green earrings were a “good-to-have” buy.  The price and colour convinced me that I should buy them. 

The sale is over for now and all Lovisa seems to have reverted back to pre-sale prices for the sale stock (?!).  All the more reason to purchase only during sales!  

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