Monday, 1 June 2015

Accessories: Big is Beautiful

Clockwise from top:
Teardrop earrings, Diva
Cluster earrings, Vincci Accessories
Custom-made tourmaline, amethyst and lemon quartz pendant
Chandelier earrings with briolettes, Diva
Heart earrings, Forever21
Ice-blue earrings, Forever21
When it comes to selecting accessories, I tend to favour the “bigger is better” concept over the “dainty and pretty” concept.  I do love small and simple earrings but most of the time, I prefer my earrings to be part of my outfit rather than a small embellishment.  Chandelier earrings?  Shoulder dusters?  Ear cuffs?  Knuckle dusters?  Yes, please!  I could never say no to a colourful accessory, either. 
Another view
Having never photographed any of my accessories, I decided that it was time to take some pictures of my favourites, all purchased for under MYR30 each except for the custom-made pendant.  

Graduated size olive-coloured earrings, Diva
I bought this pair of earrings almost seven years ago.  I love them and can’t bear to throw them out yet.  They go with my yellow-based or green-based clothes so well, although you probably wouldn’t guess so from looking at the colour alone.  

Pink candy necklace and earrings, Diva
This is a newer set which I bought for MYR13 when Diva was, ahem, transitioning to Lovisa.  I feel like eating sweets whenever I look at them.   

I will be bringing you more accessory-related posts soon.  Hope you have enjoyed this post and don’t be afraid to frost* yourselves with accessories! 

*a reference to the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days where advertising genius Matthew McConaughey coins the slogan “Ladies, frost yourselves!” for a diamond company.  

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