Monday, 1 June 2015

BudgetConsumer – Sasa Factory Outlet, Sungei Wang Plaza

Sasa Factory Outlet!
I was killing time waiting for my favourite nail polish supply shop to open when I saw the sign “Sasa Factory Outlet”.  I never knew that Sasa had a factory outlet!  I had to go in to investigate. 

Bad news first.  Despite the signs saying “Urban discount store” and “Factory outlet price”, the whole store is not a factory outlet.  About half the store carries normal-priced merchandise like any other Sasa.  More bad news:  most of the discounted goods are nearing their expiry dates. 

The good news is that the discounts are up to 70%.  I didn’t look at fragrances carefully enough but they were marked at flat prices (still at least MYR150 though).  There were a few testers available for makeup as well. 

What I spotted, from memory (I couldn’t take any spy pictures because the famous Sasa sales assistant hovering is not discounted in the factory outlet):  
  • Pupa pencil eyeliners (I assume they are the Pupa Multiply Triple-Purpose Eye Pencils) mostly in brighter colours.  Expiry date: December 2015.  Price: MYR15. 
  • Pupa blushes and eyeshadows (not that many)
  • ArtDeco eyeshadow singles, 3 for MYR12, expiring in December 2015
  • A few ArtDeco foundations and loose powders at 70% off (not worth it, in my opinion)
  • BeautyTalk whitening mask MYR 1 each (I think).  Only 1 piece per package. 
  • Giovanni hair and body travel kits MYR10 each.  Some expire in September 2015, some in December 2015.  Each kit has shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. 
  • A lot of Swiss Rituel stuff
  • A few random things like eyelash curlers, exfoliating gloves etc.  
So what did I get?  I was very tempted to get the Pupa eyeliners but decided against it as I probably won’t use them.  I would’ve gotten them if they were cheaper though!  I ended up getting 2 Giovanni travel kits as I already use Giovanni products and the small sizes mean that I should be able to use them up quickly. 
Giovanni Flight Attendant First Class Hair & Body Kit (TSA Compliant too)
In conclusion, I don’t think that you should go all the way to Sungei Wang Plaza just to visit the Sasa Factory Outlet.  However, if you are already planning a visit to Sungei Wang Plaza, you might want to stop by to check the store out.  Do remember to check the expiry dates of the products before you buy! 
Sasa Factory Outlet
G120, Blue Zone
Ground Floor

Sungei Wang Plaza

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