Monday, 29 June 2015

BudgetConsumer – Stationery Offers at One Utama

Typo, One Utama.  Hello Kitty!
I headed to One Utama to see if the H&M store had a certain blouse that was on sale in my size.  I am quite bored of One Utama and haven’t found anything to buy there for a long time.  Sadly, I did not get the blouse that I wanted so off I went to explore the rest of the mall.  By the way, H&M is having seasonal deals now.  Prices are great and stock seems to be flying off the shelves! 

Daiso is my favourite haunt when I have nothing to buy.  There is always something cute, fascinating and cheap at Daiso!  I never knew that there are two Daiso stores in One Utama.  I usually go to the Daiso in the new wing near Cold Storage but I discovered that there is another Daiso under Aeon supermarket in the old wing.  The Daiso under Aeon sells food products whereas the one in the new wing does not. 

Well, Daiso had the cutest Disney stationery!  The storage box with lid with vintage Mickey Mouse prints looks grown up enough that your co-workers won’t think you’re a childish freak.  Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse exercise books are also available at Daiso, as are notepads with Snow White and Mickey and Minnie on them. 


Spiral-bound notebook with Minnie Mouse planting a kiss on a delighted Mickey Mouse?  Check!  A Mickey notepad (larger than the Snow White one)?  Check!  Everything looks so adorable and at MYR5.30, far cheaper than Disney merchandise anywhere.  My favourite stationery items are the memo pads with Mickey and Minnie on them.  No, I do not recommend you take messages for your boss on these memos.  By the way, most of the Disney stationery seems so lovey dovey. 

Having found nothing exciting in the rest of the mall, I stopped by at Typo just to ogle at their stuff.  I love Typo but I find them expensive for frivolous fluff that I don’t need.  For the uninitiated, Typo sells stationery with supposedly witty saying on them, magnets, some decorations, chalk, lights, etc.  Everything is cute but nothing is cheap. 


To my surprise, Typo was having a “Buy 1 Free 1” offer on sale merchandise. There wasn’t a lot of choice but I wasn’t complaining!  You see, Typo rarely has good sales.  The magnets and the small Minnie Mouse notepad shown above were MYR5 before the offer.  The picture of the pug was MYR40-50. 


So what did I get?  I got a magnetic planner for my fridge!  It came with a whiteboard marker as well.  I got the A4 size, which was only MYR5.  They had A3 size ones which were MYR30.  I was quite happy to get two magnetic planners for MYR5!

Anyway, if you’re itching to get something (or even anything) from Typo, you should check out this offer! 

Happy shopping!

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