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H&M Home - Malaysia

A pleasing sight indeed at H&M Home
I will admit, I have never cared about interior decorating and prefer to decorate myself.  When faced with peer pressure, I always stated that Madonna’s apartment was devoid of furniture and décor when she was discovered and that I was emulating her example (you can read about it here:  
Pink and mint green never looked better!
That was before I walked into H&M Home.  Having seen photos on various blogs after H&M Home first opened in Avenue K, I was curious to see what the big deal was about.  To my delight, H&M Home opened in Kuching as well.  Considering that I visit Kuching about as many times as I visit Avenue K in a year, it was hardly surprising that I would first set foot in H&M Home in Kuching.  Some of the photos are from H&M Home Kuching and others are from H&M Home Avenue K. 

Various woven baskets at H&M Home
I felt like I was in a whole new world in H&M Home.  Everything looked lovely, felt lovely and was made out of beautiful materials like organic cotton and linen.  The colours were divine and the designs ranged from elegant to cute to preppy to vintage.  And best of all, there are regular deals to be found!  The only problem is that of location.  To date, there are only five H&M stores in Malaysia that carry homeware – Avenue K, Quill City Mall, IOI City Mall (Putrajaya), The Spring Mall (Kuching) and 1Borneo Hypermall (Kota Kinabalu).  For those who find it difficult to get to a brick-and-mortar store, take a virtual tour here!
Lovely florals for the bathroom
Bath accessories decorated with feminine blooms and patterns include shower curtains, guest towels and even ceramic soap dispensers.

Blue and green for the boys
Are flowers too girly for you? Never fear, solid colours and geometric prints are available too. 
Love the sunny, bright colours, especially the apron printed with tropical fruits!  Do I see a dragonfruit there?
I found cheerful aprons, totes, tea towels and serviettes in the kitchenware section. 
H&M Home has various table cloths available
Seat cushions, striped paper plates and blue woven baskets
Table cloths, woven baskets, doilies and industrial-looking trays?  Check. 

I could fall asleep here................
The blue and white stripes conjure up images of seaside holidays
When I visited last visited H&M Home at Avenue K, blue was one of the main themes. I know that research says that blue makes people feel depressed but I think all the blue at H&M Home had the opposite effect on me!
Photo frames, tea towels and a large selection of drawer knobs
I was amazed to see so many drawer knobs!  How exactly does one use them? 
Meow!  The most awesome bookends I've seen before.
H&M Home carries some mugs and plates as well.  I like the cat book ends. 

Seat cushions, metal trays and fish cushion covers!
If you are looking for cushion covers, H&M Home has some beautiful designs.  Animals, fish, ruffled linen, organic cotton, leopard print, sequins and pleather have been seen over time.  Another tip:  cushion covers tend to go on sale fairly often although you will have to purchase a cushion separately. 

Pretty, girly duvet covers and ruffled linen cushion covers
Leopard print duvet covers and blankets for the wild ones
Hello Mr. Fox and Mr. Goat!
Bedsheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, curtains and blankets are also available at H&M Home.  I loved the linen bedsheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and curtains but my budget does not allow me to purchase them.  Duvet covers are not something we use very often in Malaysia but I’m dead set on getting some from H&M Home after seeing the pretty designs!

It's a pirate's life!
Bunnies, hedgehogs and dinosaurs
Little ones are not forgotten at H&M Home with pastel colours for girls and bold prints for boys.  I remember seeing a wooden wagon once (on sale too!) but I’m pretty sure it was for decoration and not for play. 

Love, love, love indeed! 
I find it very hard to visit H&M Home without wanting to buy numerous things.  Everything is just so beautiful.  The prices are not low but I don’t think they are terribly high either.  You can browse H&M’s website to have a look but seeing it in person is a totally different (and better) experience.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for pretty trinkets to beautify your abode or if you are simply looking to be inspired, H&M Home is the place for you!  I could never tire of going there.  

You can view the latest offerings from H&M Home at  online shopping is not available in Malaysia at time of writing.  

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