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Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015

Welcome to Floria 2015!
Daffodil-like orchids
Pale pink orchids
It was a blisteringly hot afternoon when I visited the Royal Floria Putrajaya Festival last week.  Yes, it was my idea to go there at 2 p.m. when the sun is most vicious but the alternative was to risk a thunderstorm in the late afternoon.  Of course, as per Murphy’s Law, clear skies prevailed throughout the afternoon.

Phalaenopsis or moth orchids at the orchid competition

The first thing that struck me when I entered the grounds was not the breathtaking flowers but the hordes of people!  I didn’t know people were that into flowers!  The few gardens that greeted me were not very exciting – plenty of plants commonly used to beautify the roadsides or government buildings in the 1990’s.  There were long queues outside the Spring Garden and Winter Garden tents so I did not bother going there. 

A winning orchid!
I ducked into an air-conditioned tent and found various orchids from the orchid competition inside.  I was mostly relieved to be safe from the sun’s wrath but the beauty of the orchids soon captured all of my attention. 

Purple orchids (the moth orchids were not part of the competition)
Yellow orchids
The most common colours found were yellow and purple. 


There were very few red orchids. 

Now I want some Twisties...........
I don’t know what these orchids are called but they have twisty petals!

Love these dual-tone purple orchids with stripes
Spotted/dappled orchids and dual-toned orchids could also be seen. 


White and purple orchids appear to be quite common as well. 

A golden ceiling made of orchids
There was also a sort of ceiling of yellow orchids.  Very beautiful and exotic!



Pure white orchids of many types were also shown at the orchid competition.  I have never seen some of them before. 



There were some rather unique-looking orchids at the competition.  Look at the orchid with round petals!  I would hardly have pegged it as an orchid.  The white orchids in a cluster are ethereally pretty.


After depleting most of my camera’s battery life photographing the orchids, I headed next door to the rose and lily pavilion!  Unfortunately, most of the flora was wilting although they were placed in an air-conditioned tent.  However, the sweet, gentle fragrance of lilies still lingered around the tent. 

I've never seen roses like these before!
Roses are red

Sometimes, roses are white

Look at the colours and how huge the roses are!
For the first time in my life, I saw Ecuadorian roses.  The blooms were so large that I could hardly believe my eyes!  Apparently, there is no importer in Malaysia yet for these impressive roses.  I hope it won’t be long before someone brings them in.  Just look at the beautiful colours!  You can see that some of them are starting to wilt, though. 

Pink Kenyan roses with white swirls
More Kenyan roses for sale
I was hoping that the Ecuadorian roses would be available for sale.  Sadly, it was not the case.  The only cut roses being sold were Kenyan roses (MYR5 a stalk).  I was extremely tempted to buy some but my fellow flower show goers were getting unenthusiastically restless and wanted to leave.  Still, the roses were beautiful. 

Lilies lined some of the paths
There were some designer gardens outside.  I didn’t think much of them so I didn’t take any photos.


I was so surprised to see ducklings!
However, there were lovely mini gardens facing the Putrajaya lake and bridge.

You'd never have thought that purple and yellow went so well together!
There was a beautiful wall of purple and yellow orchids too.

Pitcher plants hung from some giant trees, creating an atmosphere inspired by natural jungles.

I also walked to the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden but there were so many people there that I could not get a decent photo without other people in it.  It had plenty of water features, pavilions and lanterns.  On a quieter day, you might walk through it imagining that you were the young daughter of a rich Chinese nobleman who spends her days doing embroidering and learning calligraphy! 

The flowers look as if they had been poured out
A flower-shaped contraption made out of lightbulbs
For someone who has never planted anything in her life, I thoroughly enjoyed the flower show (yes, even with the heat!).  It was a pity that I could not get a good look at most of the flowers due to time constraints.  It would be best to visit when you are not in a hurry and can spend all day there.  I think the organisers should revise the opening hours due to our tropical climate.  I would love to go there early in the morning. 

A beautiful, late afternoon view of the lake framed by hanging flowers
Strangely, I have now become enthralled with plants and flowers.  I am hoping to visit One Utama’s Secret Garden soon!  And maybe Floristika too.  

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