Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Orange Trousers

Ralph Lauren Blue Label orange long-sleeved t-shirt
Lauren Ralph Lauren orange linen trousers
Topshop black furry bag
Barachini gold leaf sandals
Lola & Grace leather bracelet with Swarovski Elements
Some years ago, I stumbled upon some brightly coloured linen trousers that came in orange, pale pink and fuchsia in F.O.S.  I was so excited but it can be difficult to wear bright clothes when you aren’t feeling particularly brave.  So, I shied away and decided not to buy any.  By the time I finally decided that I should get some, having been unable to get them out of my mind, the only pair left in my size was orange in colour.  I had been lusting after the fuchsia trousers but had to settle for the orange ones. 

Talbots purple cotton 3/4 sleeve blouse
Lauren Ralph Lauren orange linen trousers
Fausto Zanetti nude pink peep toes
H&M gold clutch
Lovisa gold crystal bangle
One brave day, I wore my orange linen trousers to work with a pale pink oxford button-down.  A co-worker of mine exclaimed, “Wah!  Hao you summer de gan jue (It gives off a summery feeling)!”  I wasn’t expecting any reactions to my orange trousers but I guess it isn’t every day that you see someone wearing something like that.  Another co-worker took one look at my trousers and began singing Coldplay’s “Yellow” despite my repeated protests that my trousers were orange and not yellow.  

A few hours later, co-worker number one asked me if my trousers were “RL or TH” (Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger).  I was impressed!  They were LRL (Lauren Ralph Lauren).  

“Why did you specifically ask if they were RL or TH?” I asked him.  

“Because only those two brands would make trousers in that colour,” he replied. 

Ralph Lauren Blue Label pink knit
Lauren Ralph Lauren orange linen trousers
Fausto Zanetti nude pink peep toes
Lovisa gold crystal bangle
The next time I was brave enough to wear my orange trousers to work, a third co-worker laughed and observed that my trousers were in the exact shade as a book we referred to as the “orange book”.  She made me take a photograph holding the book against my orange trousers.  It was hilarious.  Over the years, I would continue to receive requests to wear that pair of legendary trousers to work.  Well, I'm glad that my trousers could provide so much entertainment for my co-workers!  

Do you have any clothes that elicited much interest from your co-workers? 

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