Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – The Ones That Got Away

Ah, regrets!  I have a few.  I know that thrift shopping is meant to be cheap enough so that you can shop without denting your wallet but the prices here aren’t always like that.  For example, a MYR500 Christian Monsieur coat (yes, I’m never going to get over the audacity of it).  Or a MYR500 Celine coat (latest example of overpriced and outdated designer goods in Malaysian thrift shops).  Or a pair of Valentino Rockstud flats for MYR530 (I am unsure of the authenticity but at this price, I’ll just forget it). 

But I digress.  I have chalked up quite a few regrets while thrift shopping.  Worse, I didn’t even take photos of some of them to obsess over later on! 
Horribly blur photos, I know.  Thrift shop lighting!
I found this Karen Millen cheongsam or qipao in a thrift shop last year.  I was hemming and hawing and decided to think about it.  Somebody else bought it for the grand sum of MYR250.  It came with a matching pair of pants as well, which was quite odd to me.

Adrianna Papell black dress with leaf motif
I liked this Adrianna Papell dress but not enough to pay MYR80 for it.  By the time I had decided that I wanted it, it was gone!

One fine day, I was trawling the racks in another thrift shop and found a green printed silk dress with the label “Miss V by Valentino”.  It appeared to be in my size as well but for some unknown reason, I didn’t buy it!  I thought that MYR60 was too much to ask for a 1980s Valentino diffusion line dress.  And, I erroneously thought that nobody would ever want it.  Wrong and wrong!  I couldn’t get the dress out of my mind and it was gone forever when I returned for it weeks later.  Sigh.  I really do regret this! 

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta  shoes - in different sizes!
And, the most spectacular tale, I have saved for last.  I was, as usual, hunting for something nice at a thrift shop and looked through the musty selection of shoes that had clearly seen better days.  I saw a really nice pair of shoes and upon closer inspection, the label read “O Oscar by Oscar de la Renta”.  My heart almost stopped.  Oscar de la Renta in a thrift shop (ok, diffusion line but still!)!!!!  I picked up the right side and tried it on.  A perfect fit!  The soles had very little wear on them and read “Made in Italy”.  I was ecstatic!  I tried on the left side and thought it was strange that I couldn’t seem to get my left foot in.  After trying unsuccessfully for five minutes, I picked up the shoe and saw that it was half a size smaller than the right shoe!!!!!  I could have cried.  Asking the shop assistant proved to be useless as she merely shrugged.  Tell me, what are the odds that something like this would happen?! 

Sigh………………At least I got an amusing story out of that experience.  

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