Wednesday, 15 July 2015

All Black

Anne Fontaine black blouse
Armani Jeans black cargo denim pants
This was a recent outfit of the day when I went to Suria KLCC and Avenue K.  Since I would be doing some walking and a lot of shopping, I decided to wear something that had enough pockets to house my car keys, wallet and mobile phone.  My hands would then be free to rifle through racks of clothing and my shoulders would not be burdened by a bag. 

I bought these Armani Jeans cargo denim pants in Johor Premium Outlets for MYR100.  I was very lucky to find them as the friendly and helpful sales assistant (the most friendly and helpful one I’ve ever met) told me that they were only marked down that day.  The pockets are deep enough to hold a wallet or a mobile phone (but not one of those phablets) and the material is thick but stretchy enough to be comfortable. 

The Anne Fontaine blouse was purchased at a thrift shop for MYR50.  It is not cheap, by any means, but I wanted to try out Anne Fontaine after having read so much about her legendary shirts.  The blouse fits quite well but the sleeves are a bit too long.  People tell me that the blouse looks a bit like baju kebaya (a traditional Malay costume). 

Anyway, the outfit served me well while shopping all day long!  I felt so liberated without a bag to carry! 

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