Friday, 31 July 2015

BeautyConsumer – Minis

I love miniature versions of beauty products.  They are just too cute!  I have some mini-sized products and I take them out to look at sometimes just because they are adorable. 

Mini stash!
Some of my mini beauty and non-beauty products are shown above.  Most were free samples that I diligently collect.  Others were gift with purchases or magazine freebies.  I actually purchased some of them! 
I got a set of Avene samples from a local magazine some time back.  The Clinique sample was part of a sampling program.  The Origins sample was from their recycling program during Earth Day where you were given a sample for a number of recyclable cosmetic containers that you gave them.  Sadly, there was no such program this year.   

Benefit minis
These Benefit minis are relatively new.  The mascara and pro balm were magazine freebies.  The foundation was a sample. 

Clarins minis
The Clarins minis and the Colgate Plax mouthwash were part of an airline amenity kit that someone passed on to me.  The Clarins minis may look big in the picture but they can all fit in the palm of my hand!  The lip balm looks too cute. 

Diptyque mini candle
This Diptyque Tubereuse mini candle was a gift with purchase from Ken’s Apothecary.  A few  years back, Malaysian Tatler Homes magazine gave Diptyque mini candles as magazine freebies and I bought two.  I was so excited to get a chance to finally try Diptyque and ended up purchasing some Diptyque last year. 
Swan mini harmonica!
Aha, this is an unusual mini!  This miniature harmonica by Swan hangs on its own chain so you can actually wear it.  My mother, who seems to like miniature things as well, bought several of these from Singapore as gifts.  You can actually play the miniature harmonica although the range of notes is limited. 
Lanvin Me and Marry Me mini fragrances
Lanvin Me, Me, Me!
Lanvin Me miniatures were magazine freebies - loved the boxes too!
The Lanvin Me miniature perfume was a magazine freebie.  Actually, I first discovered that it was free with Harpers Bazaar Malaysia magazine and bought a copy.  To my horror (or delight?), I saw that Cleo Malaysia was also giving away the same miniature perfume that month!  For a cheaper price!  In order to cut my losses (or just purely out of gluttony), I purchased two copies of Cleo that month.  So I ended up with three of these.  On the other hand, I bought the Lanvin Marry Me miniature perfume in Singapore Airport.  I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it cost more than all the magazines I bought to get the Lanvin Me miniature perfumes. 

L'occitane hand cream samples
These L’occitane hand creams were both samples from their sampling programs.  Aren’t they tiny and cute?  They are great for travel or carrying in your purse too.

Indian strawberry - apparently this is a weed
And finally, a mini strawberry to finish things off!  This is an Indian strawberry that grows wild in my mother’s garden.  It is so very diminutive in size and is no bigger than my fingernail. 

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