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Longchamp Friends and Family Sale Kuala Lumpur 2015

Longchamp Roseau Box ballerina flats
Longchamp held a Friends and Family sale at Parkroyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently.  I found out about the sale rather late.  It was quite difficult to find out about the sale as it did not pop up on the three sale websites that I visit regularly!  I wonder why.  Longchamp holds a Friends and Family sale annually with discounts advertised to be “up to 90% off”.  As usual, anything printed in Malaysia should be taken with a (hefty) pinch of salt.  A brief summary of the sale is given below followed by my personal comments. 

Date:  3-4 July 2015 (Friday and Saturday)
Time:  10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Venue:  Vanda 2, Level 2, Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
Parking:  Shoppers can get a flat rate of MYR6 at the cashier.  Parking at Parkroyal is royally expensive so the flat parking fee was most welcome and very cheap for the area.  I remember paying MYR6 per hour for parking some years ago at another sale at Parkroyal as there was no flat rate available! 

The room is not very big but the air-conditioning is working and sufficiently cool.  You may think this is frivolous but I have been to clearance sales where the air conditioning broke down with hordes of shoppers and horrendously long queues!  Imagine that in tropical Kuala Lumpur!  Then again, those sales were not held in five-star hotels. 

The sales staff was friendly and helpful but often needed to refer to other staff members when checking prices and additional discounts etc.


No queue to get in or pay when I went on Saturday.  Most of the waiting will be for the staff to find your size, confirm prices, pack your purchases and write a manual bill for you to bring to the cashier.  Yes, it’s a long and very manual process.  They cannot scan barcodes. 


Cameras and camera phones were not allowed.  Handbags, food and drink were also not allowed.  All handbags had to be tied up in a plastic bag before entering. 

Tagging of Prices

It was not always easy to determine how much discount applied to the shoes unless you manually checked the boxes.   There were no stickers on the shoes themselves.  It was easier for bags as they were all marked with their respective discounts.  On the last day of the sale, there were additional discounts but these were not displayed. 

Merchandise and Prices

Longchamp Le Pliage Cage Aux Oiseaux was MYR300+ at the sale
Image credit:  Longchamp website
This is all from memory as photographs were not allowed.  I did not look closely at the bags as I did not plan on buying any.  You’ll have to take my report with a pinch of salt too. 
  • Le Pliage Cage Aux Oiseaux  short handles in pale pink and lagoon – 30% off
  • Roseau Box Pumps in nude, black, terracotta, red – 70% off
  • Roseau Box ballerina flats in nude, red, aubergine, platine, noir – 80% off
  • Flat motorcycle boots in black – 90% off
  • High-heeled sandals, pumps and boots – 70% to 90% off
  • Espadrilles – 70% or 80% off (I think)
  • Le Cuir flat sandals in mostly bright colours – 80% off (I think so.  I saw them at the same sale last year)
  • Le Pliage Cuir flats in mostly bright colours– 70% or 80% off
  • Leather sneakers in pink and orange – 70% off
  • Le Pliage nylon bags short and long handles, various sizes in neon colours – 30% off
  • Le Pliage Cuir bags – 30% off
  • Women’s apparel, one rack only – 70% to 80% off
  • Other assorted bags – 50% to 90% off
  • Small leather goods (key chains, phone covers, wallets, belts, bracelets) – 30% to 70% off(I can’t really remember)
  • Scarves (unsure of discount)
Additional Discounts

On the last day, the following additional discounts applied. 
  • Shoes – additional 20% off if purchasing two pairs or more (does not need to be in multiples of two.  I’m unsure if it applies to shoes that are already 90% off.  Probably not).  Please note that additional 20% off means that if the item is 70% off, you will pay 24% of the original price (30% * 80%) and not 10% of the original price
  • Le Pliage nylon bags – additional 10% off if purchasing two or more bags
  • Other merchandise – unsure but I think the additional 10% off applied when purchasing more than two items as it applied to the most popular item, the Le Pliage nylon bags

The merchandise was not terribly outdated and in good condition.  The shoes came with dust bags and boxes (well, mostly).  There were a lot of bags available although I must say that there were some very unattractive bags which most shoppers barely glanced at.  I would say that very few items were 90% off and out of those items, about 90% would not be considered for purchase by most people due to designs and wearability. 

Most people were there to buy Le Pliage nylon bags.  The bags weren’t that cheap but good enough if you were going to purchase them from the local boutique and don’t mind the limited colours available.  There were lots of Le Pliage Cuir bags since they are more expensive. 

Longchamp Roseau Box ballerina flats in Platine
I think shoes were a better deal since their shoes are full leather and made in Italy.  Sizes tend to run small, though.  Stock for different sizes was not plentiful and I was told that they usually hold only one pair of shoes for each size.  The most popular sizes seemed to be 36.5, 37 and 37.5. 

Small leather goods were almost non-existent when I went.  The designs weren’t very nice and neither were the discounts. 

The greatest inconveniences at the sale would be checking with the sales staff quite often about the prices and waiting for them to write a manual bill for your purchases.  Yes, they even copy the item code onto the bill so it can take quite long.

Longchamp Friends and Family Sale 2015 vs. 2014

My haul from Longchamp Friends & Family sale 2014.  Both were 90% off.  
I went to Longchamp’s Friends and Family Sale last year.  It was also held at Parkroyal Hotel and there was also a flat parking fee for shoppers.  I would say that the amount of merchandise available mostly remained the same as did the discounts.  However, I managed to get shoes at 90% off last year but didn’t do as well this year. 

This pair of lace-up shoes were only MYR119 after discount.  
Should You Go?

If you aren’t fussy about colours and need a Le Pliage or Le Pliage Cuir at a discount and don’t plan on getting one overseas etc., then yes, you could try your luck at this sale. 

If you like leather shoes and are willing to pay at least MYR250 - 350 for a pair of shoes, you should go. 

If you don’t need anything but want to see if you can get a good deal, go early on the last day of the sale. 

Be warned that there isn’t a lot of merchandise to choose from, though!  

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