Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mall Rat –The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley Megamall (June 2015)

Welcome to another edition of Mall Rat!  Hari Raya is approaching and most malls have transformed into miniature bazaars with kampong-inspired décor but The Gardens Mall featured mosaic motifs instead. 

‘Tis also the season for frenzied shopping.  The question is, are there any good bargains to be found?  Why, of course! 

Crystal headbands (MYR49.90) and gold sandals (MYR149.90)
The Zara sale has just started.  This translates into long lines at the fitting rooms and cashiers.  Clearly, Malaysians just love Zara.  There were lots of summery whites and pretty crystal headbands available.  I will be checking out Zara’s website here before braving the queues in-store. 

Over at Metrojaya, cardmembers are entitled to purchase Zardoze clothing at a flat price of MYR76.  Zardoze is (was?  Their website doesn’t exist anymore) a Singaporean label that premiered to great fanfare a couple of years ago with their glamorous and luxe-looking designs.  And yes, the price tags reflected the jet set image the label was promoting.  Imagine my delight to find that Zardoze designs were marked “Value Buy” at Metrojaya. 

I didn't try this blouse on when I saw that it was fraying
However, I soon discovered that I would not be going home with any heavily-discounted Zardoze clothes.  The garments did not fit me well at all.  In fact, they fit so badly that I will individually critique the pieces I tried on.  I also found that some of the clothes were in poor condition (threads coming out, fraying fabric etc.)

Zardoze white dress
I thought this was a lovely white dress.  Unfortunately, it was too wide for me at the shoulders and far too tight at the hips.  I tried on a UK size 10 and it was mid-calf length on me.  Overall, it was quite odd.  One of the straps had started to detach from the dress.  The top half of the dress was extremely long – just look at how long the straps are relative to the rest of the dress. 

Trying this dress on was painful, literally!
This bright lemon sleeveless dress with gold embroidery looked like a million bucks.  Again, it was enormous at the shoulders and extremely tight at the hips.  It was as if the measurements for the hips and shoulders had been inverted!  I mean, whose shoulders are that much wider than their hips?!  The dress had a concealed zip at the side.  That made the gold embroidery graze my skin as I pulled the dress up over my head to get it off!  That embroidery was rough!  Another thing – the dress was extremely short, a complete contrast with the previous dress. 

Pretty pink sequinned dress by Zardoze
This pink sequined dress looked harmless enough.  I mean, you would expect them to get a sleeveless sheath right, wouldn’t you?  Nope.  It suffers from the same problems as the lemon dress.  Actually, you can even tell that the top is far larger than the bottom from the photo. 

My experience with Zardoze was a big disappointment.  However, don’t let my experience stop you from checking out the clothes yourself.  You might find that the cut suits you.  Zardoze was stocked at Robinsons at The Gardens Mall and Parkson Pavilion but I am unsure if the prices are the same as Metrojaya. 

Chloe and Missoni neckties
There was nothing new at The Bless Shop except for Chloe and Missoni neckties for the gentlemen at the price of MYR10.60 each.  Yes, The Bless Shop is registered for GST.  I heard that the annual revenue for all the thrift shops is around MYR600,000. 


MNG is offering a discount of 50% on everything.  Everything!  No wonder there were huge crowds inside the store. 

Before we leave Mid Valley, how about a little treat for you?  Wait patiently for the L’Erbolario and Neal’s Yard Remedy advertisements on the standees at the bridge connecting The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall.  Oh, it helps to have someone take the picture for you. 

Until next time, happy shopping!

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