Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Banana Republic Printed Silk Dress

Banana Republic printed silk dress
Forever21 bead necklace
Fausto Zanetti nude pink peeptoes
It’s been a while since my last outfit post.  Somehow, I got caught up with shopping, shopping and more shopping (MOAR!). 

Today’s dress is a printed silk dress by Banana Republic with a wrap front.  It isn’t something that I would buy.  My mother bought it when we were shopping in Las Vegas (when we still thought that shopping in America was cheaper and better than shopping in Kuala Lumpur.  Big mistake).  Actually, she bought two of the same dress and one ended up in my possession. 

As you can see from the photograph, the dress is not a perfect fit on me.  The shoulders are far too wide, the neckline is too low and the arm holes are a bit too big.  That’s not all.  The dress is too tight around the hips, making it difficult for me to sit or bend.  Worse, the folds across the middle of the dress make me look puffy instead of camouflaging my middle section.  The overall look is rather frumpy. 

The dull colours of the dress enhance its frumpiness and muddiness.  The sheen of the silk is the dress’ saving grace.  I imagine it would have looked far worse if it were made out of, say, polyester.  There was something else that bugs me – the lining of the dress.  First, it is made of acetate.  I hate acetate lining!  It has a tendency to stick to the skin and is very uncomfortable in hot, humid weather (read:  Malaysia).  Second, the length of the lining is almost the same length as the skirt.  That is why you can see the lining peeking out in the photo on the right when I crossed my legs. 

It is no secret that Banana Republic’s sales have been dropping consistently over the past few years.  With clothes like this dress, I would be surprised if their sales were increasing!  Their new creative director, Marissa Web, may try all kinds of fancy marketing methods but if the clothes stay frumpy, the cuts unflattering, the colours dull and the prices high, she can forget about achieving her KPI in years to come. 

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