Friday, 3 July 2015

Vault by Vans X Takashi Murakami at Sole What, Mid Valley Megamall

I was walking towards Daiso in Mid Valley Megamall when I spotted a very familiar smiley flower in the window of Sole What.  The window display featured items from the Vault by Vans X Takashi Murakami collection.  Of course, I had no idea that Vans was doing a collaboration with Murakami, he of Louis Vuitton collaboration fame. 

How cute are the toddlers' slip -ons?  The dog is Murakami's dog, Pom.  
So cool!  Wonder where it goes when Sole What changes the window display.  I would love to have it!  
I would have taken a picture of the whole window display but there was a huge window pane across the window that spoiled everything.  The collection includes apparel, toddlers slip-ons, unisex adult slip-ons and skateboard decks.  Everything looks so cute!  However, I did not dare to check the prices as I think they will be sky-high. 

Vans X Murakami t-shirts and canvas slip-ons
The introduction to an entertaining interview with the artist here,  states that the collection launched less than a week ago and has already sold out (in Paris, I assume)!  So if you are a die-hard Murakami fan in Kuala Lumpur, you should check out Sole What.  Vans’ website has more detailed pictures of the merchandise and an adorable commercial for the collection. 

Vans X Murakami bright and colourful skateboard decks.  
Happy shopping!

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