Thursday, 27 August 2015

F.O.S. Merdeka Exclusive - 60% off RM300 (28-31 August 2015)

Yup, it's back again!  Those who missed F.O.S.' 60% off RM300 offer can hit up the stores starting tomorrow until Monday.

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance @ Atria Shopping Gallery (4-6 September 2015)

'Tis the season for warehouse sales!  FJ Benjamin will be holding its much anticipated warehouse clearance next week at Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya.  

You can stalk their dedicated Facebook page ( for updates.  

Image credit:  FJ Benjamin Warehouse Clearance Facebook page
The details of the sale are given in the flyer so I won't repost it.  

FJ Benjamin distributes several fashion brands in Malaysia (Guess, Gap, Banana Republic, Superdry, La Senza, Raoul).  They usually hold a warehouse clearance once a year.  I haven't been to one of these in a few years because the recent venues have been quite out of the way for me (Klang, Cheras etc.).  FJ Benjamin used to hold their warehouse clearances in venues like Parkroyal Hotel or Bangsar Village II.  Since this year's sale venue is not too out of the way for me, I will definitely be going!  

Based on my past experience, this will be one popular sale with plenty of people (and strollers and babies).  Crowd control was very good when I last attended and shoppers were let into the venue in batches.  Of course, it was mayhem inside but shoppers tended to be in a good mood, even friendly due to the generous discounts.  

Some tips for potential shoppers:
  • Go early to avoid queues and messy merchandise.
  • There are usually a lot of La Senza things but it's near impossible to try any bras on so it's best to know your size beforehand.
  • Same goes for other brands.  It would be good to have at least a rough idea of your size before going there.
  • Small accessories tend to run out fairly fast (belts, wallets, bags).
  • Don't expect your purchases to come with Guess shopping bags or boxes or dust bags or whatever.  I see so many people asking the sales staff for these things but sometimes you can't be too fussy when you're paying rock-bottom prices.  
  • Guess usually has a great selection of jeans.  
  • Prices tend to be quite good, especially for La Senza.  I don't have any complaints about prices.
  • Beware of small children and babies!  
I will edit this post for completeness after I have gone to the sale.  I'm excited!  It's been too long, FJ Benjamin!  

Updated 5/9/2015

So I went to the sale today!  Before 10 a.m., there were about 100 people in line.  However, there were hardly any lines after that.  The venue was quite dusty, especially the shoe section.

Prices seem to have been reduced already from minimum MYR80 to MYR50 today.  Discounts on a certain minimum number of items appeared to have increased too.  Sales staff said that there would be more reductions tomorrow.  There were some mirrors here and there but it wasn't a terribly crowded sale.  The air-conditioning was functioning well!  And yeah, there were babies and strollers.

Please note that cashier counters are split by brands.

Banana Republic (prices MYR20 - MYR120)
Located right at the corner of the room were a few racks of men's and women's clothes.  Not much choice but prices were reasonable enough.  I spotted a purple silk dress with ruffles that I had purchased in the year 2011(!) for about USD50.  It was MYR120 at the sale.

Mostly flimsy t-shirts in here and hardly any were MYR20
white blouses MYR90
BR Monogram white dress MYR120
Another BR Monogram dress MYR120

I didn't find anything interesting here.

There were a lot of Guess clothes. Jeans were sorted by size, the most common being 24-25.  All dresses were MYR70, all jeans MYR100, all tops MYR50.  Handbags and wallets were more expensive - MYR250 for a handbag, MYR150 for 2 men's wallets.  I saw some pretty black lace strapless dresses for MYR70.

While there were plenty of clothes, I spotted some kimono tops from around 2009 at the sale...........

Marciano silk dress MYR70
Guess tops
There were a lot of racks of clothes for men and women by Raoul.  I forgot to take pictures.  Lots of office wear, dress pants, shirts, dresses.  Prices were quite good and started from MYR50.  All ladies shoes were MYR50 but there were mostly sizes 39-40 left.

There were further discounts of 10% for 3 items and above and 20% for 5 items and above.
Raoul leather sandals MYR50
I didn't really look at Superdry but all the clothes were 50% off.  That's not enough for me but Superdry seemed pretty popular with a lot of the other shoppers.  There were some espadrilles.

La Senza
I didn't venture into the La Senza area but I saw plenty of people inside.

All in all, a bit of a disappointment but I wasn't planning to buy big this time.  There were hardly any shoes, small accessories or bags.  For those who are wondering if they should visit the sale, I'd say go tomorrow to try your luck for more discounts.  It looks like office attire and party attire aren't popular among the shoppers so if you're looking for those, you can definitely take your chances tomorrow.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Club21 Clearance Sale @ Menara Hap Seng 2 (22-26 August 2015)

The Club21 clearance sale made a surprising return on Saturday.  The last clearance sale was held in February.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie clutch, 70% off, original price MYR1190
Since the sale will end tomorrow, I will quickly cover what I saw at the sale and probably add on to this post later.  Please note that what I saw might have changed significantly over the sale period.  If you have any queries, you can try to ask the Club21 staff via their Instagram or Facebook page.  So far, they seem quite helpful in answering questions.

Club21 Malaysia Facebook page:
Club21 Malaysia Instagram account:

This is one of my purchases, a Marc by Marc Jacobs tri-fold wallet in taupe.  I found it beneath other Marc by Marc Jacobs things but I was told it was the last one.
Marc by Marc Jacobs tri-fold wallet in taupe, 70% off, original price MYR790
Interior of the wallet

Monday, 24 August 2015

BudgetConsumer – F.O.S. Get 60% off MYR300 Haul!

I wrote about F.O.S.’ incredible “Get 60% MYR300” deal here but didn’t buy anything.  When I received an e-mail that the deal was being offered again last weekend, I decided to see if there was anything worth buying.

Navy blue polka dot skirt - MYR63 before discount
Navy blue cotton shorts - MYR63 before discount
Blue, grey and black t-shirts - MYR19 each before discount
I bought a navy blue polka dot pencil skirt, a pair of navy blue shorts and three cotton t-shirts in grey, navy and black.  Since I hadn’t hit the required MYR300, I approached some other customers so that we could combine our purchases and enjoy the 60% off discount.  Win-win for both parties! 

H&M Home – The Spring Mall, Kuching (August 2015)

When I was in Kuching recently, I stopped by H&M Home to admire their latest offerings and to check out the deals.  Read on to see what I found!  

The latest display has an emphasis on bottle green, chunky knits and rustic accents.  These wooden cutting boards could transform your dining table from homely to café-worthy. 
How to vacation when the ringgit is dropping in value?
Yes, let's keep telling ourselves that!
Upbeat slogans seem to be the order at H&M Home.  I certainly hope “everything’s gonna be alright” here in Malaysia. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Flower Power!

F.O.S. blue floral dress
Principles at Debenhams crystal studded stacked sandals
I adore pretty flowers but turn them into prints on garments and I get slightly uncomfortable.  You see, although I admire feminine blooms, wearing clothing featuring said blooms is something quite difficult to me.  Somehow, I find that wearing florals instantly makes matronly (or "auntie").  Perhaps it is because I am Asian or have been scarred by certain Laura Ashley floral prints?  Don't get me wrong, I think that Laura Ashley makes beautiful floral prints.  I just don't know if they're suitable for wearing.  

After shying away from florals for years, I finally figured them out.  The trick is in the colours and the size and spacing of the prints.  The colours should be as harmonious as possible and the spacing of the prints should be in proportion to the size of the prints themselves.  It is hard to explain.  When in doubt, one should refer to to how designers do florals.  Some good examples are Dries Van Noten, and Dolce & Gabbana.  

The blue floral dress above is one of the few in my closet.  I purchased it for MYR50 at F.O.S. during a time when they had plenty of dresses.  I still love the colours on this dress and also the fact that it has pockets!  A lovely summer frock that can be worn the whole year round in tropical Malaysia.  

Ralph Lauren blue label (kids ) ruffled floral dress
Star by Julien MacDonald at Debenhams purple snakeskin printed clutch
Fausto Zanetti nude kitten heels
I must own up to my mistakes here.  I loved this floaty, ruffled floral dress so much that I purchased it, ignoring the fact that it was for children, made from polyester and lined with acetate!  In my defense, it was Ralph Lauren blue label and on sale.  I really don't think that I should buy children's clothes again although I do own a few from Ralph Lauren's line for children.  The fit is often quite tight around the armpits.  

Warehouse hat
Others as before
Now that I have figured out what I'm looking for in florals, I can't get enough of them!  Better late than never.................

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Secret Garden, One Utama - Creepers and Vines

This is the third part in The Secret Garden series.  The Secret Garden is situated on the rooftop of One Utama Shopping Centre, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. 

Part 1:  Amazon Water Lilies 

Side view of the Javan treebine
Pale blue buds and blooms peeking out from a complex network of vines
The Secret Garden is home to a variety of creepers and vines.  The designers of this phenomenal rooftop garden have explored several options to display these hanging plants in all their spineless glory.  The resulting effect is lovely. 
Javan treebine resembling a blunt cut fringe
Among all the creeping plants, the most unusual is the Javan treebine.  I was unaware of the existence of such a plant before visiting the garden.  I later realised that it was not an uncommon plant, having sighted it along the walls of the Royal Selangor Golf Club near a traffic light along Jalan Tun Razak and also festooning a tree in the compound of a house in my parents’ neighbourhood.  In the Secret Garden, the normally haphazard aerial roots of the vine have been neatly trimmed into a veil or fringe of sorts.  The roots are so dense that the sunlight could barely penetrate the covering! 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

BeautyConsumer - H&M Makeup Brushes and Accessories

H&M makeup brushes and accessories display at 1 Mont Kiara Mall
I was browsing H&M recently and found that they now carry makeup brushes and accessories!  However, nail polish and makeup are still unavailable in Malaysia. 

Angled buffer brush and plush powder brush
There appear to be 2 different ranges of makeup accessories – black and white.  The black range is more expensive and is described as “plush”.  According to the H&M website, the black ones are made of natural hair and the white ones are made of synthetic hair.  There were no further details on what “natural hair” meant. 

Plush kabuki brush MYR49.90
Prices are reasonable, the maximum being MYR49.90 for a brush.  However, the precision lash curler retails for MYR39.90, which I find rather expensive. 

The double-ended brushes seem like a good idea for travelling and they aren’t too costly. 

Unfortunately, there were no testers in sight so I could not try the brushes.  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any of them just yet but it is nice to have more inexpensive makeup brushes available in our local market. 

You can view the rest of the products and their descriptions on H&M’s website.  

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mall Rat - Mid Valley Megamall (August 2015)

Risis - Singapore Botanical Gardens jewelry
Welcome to another edition of Mall Rat!  I was in Mid Valley Megamall to pick up some things and snapped some photos as I went along. 

Violeta by Mango (or MNG) has finally opened its doors!  For the uninitiated, Violeta is MNG’s plus-size label. 
A rather unfortunate placement of paper airplanes reminded me of horns
Clinique is having an event at the concourse outside Uniqlo.  There were sets priced at MYR50 but I didn’t purchase any.  Clinique also had a nationwide sampling program for their 3-step products but all the counters in Mid Valley and Gardens had run out of minis by 11a.m.  A bit of a disappointment for such a hyped up sampling program. 

Givenchy makeup on sale!
Loving the hot pink and the slogan
Onto better things……….Givenchy was having a mini roadshow and they had some discounted items too!  The sales assistant informed me that testers were available for the discounted items and the sale ends tomorrow. 

Exotic-sounding teas housed in elegant floral tins from Risis
Stationery from Risis
Risis is not a shop that I will normally take notice of, as I hardly buy decorative gifts or souvenirs.  I loved the Singapore Botanic Gardens themed merchandise in the window display.  My favourites are the ones featuring exquisite torch ginger motifs.  The tins of tea look beautiful, too. 

For those interested in F.O.S.' offer I wrote about here, I spotted some Tommy Hilfiger skirts with pockets and shorts in the Mid Valley Megamall store, mostly in sizes 2, 4, 8 and above.  

Until next time, happy shopping!

Friday, 14 August 2015

BudgetConsumer – F.O.S. Get 60% off MYR300 In-Store Purchase

Amid the depressing news of our falling ringgit, I received an exciting e-mail in my inbox today.  F.O.S. is having a “Get 60% off MYR300 In-Store Purchase” offer this weekend (15 and 16 August 2015).  I missed the inaugural offer a couple of weeks ago but F.O.S. decided to repeat this offer.  Retail sales must be very, very bad.  I thought the offer was very, very good but really, the offer is only as good as the merchandise, no? 

F.O.S. is no longer the mecca it once was for covetable factory overruns and rejects, to my despair.  However, I still keep visiting their stores hoping to find something reminiscent of their glory days (Marc Jacobs t-shirts for MYR27, Donna Karan Collection draped skirts, J.Crew stuff et cetera).  No luck in the past 3 years! 

Anyway, I dropped by the 1 Mont Kiara location to see if there was anything worth buying during this weekend’s offer.  Some of the pictures are a bit blur but I hope they can help you. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dusty Lavender and Grey - Tulle Dress and Leopard Print Hoodie

Juicy Couture leopard print hoodie
Coast strapless tulle dress
Caparros peeptoes
Here is an outfit that I’d love to wear but can’t imagine wearing here in Kuala Lumpur.  Everyone would think I am nuts.  Strangely, the colours of the Juicy Couture leopard print hoodie and the Coast strapless tulle dress go well together.  I would love to complete the outfit with flat motorcycle boots but I don’t have any.  I think it would lend the outfit a more dangerous vibe as the dress does seem quite bridesmaid-ish.