Friday, 14 August 2015

BudgetConsumer – F.O.S. Get 60% off MYR300 In-Store Purchase

Amid the depressing news of our falling ringgit, I received an exciting e-mail in my inbox today.  F.O.S. is having a “Get 60% off MYR300 In-Store Purchase” offer this weekend (15 and 16 August 2015).  I missed the inaugural offer a couple of weeks ago but F.O.S. decided to repeat this offer.  Retail sales must be very, very bad.  I thought the offer was very, very good but really, the offer is only as good as the merchandise, no? 

F.O.S. is no longer the mecca it once was for covetable factory overruns and rejects, to my despair.  However, I still keep visiting their stores hoping to find something reminiscent of their glory days (Marc Jacobs t-shirts for MYR27, Donna Karan Collection draped skirts, J.Crew stuff et cetera).  No luck in the past 3 years! 

Anyway, I dropped by the 1 Mont Kiara location to see if there was anything worth buying during this weekend’s offer.  Some of the pictures are a bit blur but I hope they can help you. 

People who are searching for striped clothes are in luck.  I spotted these striped organic cotton tops by Zara W&B Collection for MYR29.  The label was cut off but the W&B was visible and the clothing tags looked unmistakably Inditex. 

There was a bunch of Joe Fresh t-shirts and these striped long-sleeved dresses.  I can’t remember the prices but they were not more than MYR40 each. 

I saw these organic cotton tank tops by Domyos, a brand I’ve never heard of.  Apparently, it’s a fitness brand but prices seem quite cheap (a few pounds for a tank top). 

F.O.S.’s house brand, Penelope, is still producing these mid-length A-line skirts with sufficiently deep pockets.  I have one of these and am quite happy with them.  The only thing I don’t like about them is the price.  I find them steep at MYR63 but if you’re buying them during the offer, they will only cost you MYR25.20.  I think they’re a must-buy at that price!  They come in black and grey. 

There are a bunch of G-Star Raw t-shirts priced at MYR33.  The fabric is a bit thin but not too flimsy.  The pocket placement on the round-neck t-shirt seems rather low to me.  They are quite comfortable.

I also found some Nautica sleepwear, mostly in larger sizes.  Other stuff available are American Eagle Outfitters (mostly t-shirts), Aeropostale ¾ length track pants, Tommy Hilfiger cotton chino pants (mostly small or very large sizes) and F.O.S.’s own house brands.  I spotted some Under Armour t-shirts at other F.O.S. stores before but didn't see any at the 1 Mont Kiara location.  I thought it would be a good idea to buy some Tommy Hilfiger cotton shorts during the offer since they normally cost MYR63 but I couldn’t find any of them! 

In conclusion, the offer is good for very casual clothes and some staples (like the Penelope skirt).  Most of the clothes are quite basic and not pretty or glamorous.  People shopping for plus sizes or very small sizes should have plenty to choose from.  I didn’t check out the men’s or children’s clothes but I think it would be easy to chalk up a bill of MYR300 if you shop for men’s and children’s clothes as well.  Or buy in multiples. 

Happy shopping!

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