Monday, 24 August 2015

BudgetConsumer – F.O.S. Get 60% off MYR300 Haul!

I wrote about F.O.S.’ incredible “Get 60% MYR300” deal here but didn’t buy anything.  When I received an e-mail that the deal was being offered again last weekend, I decided to see if there was anything worth buying.

Navy blue polka dot skirt - MYR63 before discount
Navy blue cotton shorts - MYR63 before discount
Blue, grey and black t-shirts - MYR19 each before discount
I bought a navy blue polka dot pencil skirt, a pair of navy blue shorts and three cotton t-shirts in grey, navy and black.  Since I hadn’t hit the required MYR300, I approached some other customers so that we could combine our purchases and enjoy the 60% off discount.  Win-win for both parties! 

By all means, there was not a lot of choice for ladies and the clothes were not pretty.  There were plenty of t-shirts, pyjamas, lounge shorts, tank tops, singlets etc.  Most of the clothes were by F.O.S.’ own labels (basically all the ones you can shop for their website).  There was some Nautica sleepwear, American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie t-shirts and hoodies and Brooks Brothers long-sleeved polo shirts (very comfy but not exactly very fashionable).  My main goal was to pick out some Tommy Hilfiger skirts, shorts or pants.  The details are summarized below (only Tommy Hilfiger clothes). 


US 8 and 10 are very common.  Very large sizes (12, 14) and very small sizes (0, 2) are available.  Very difficult to find sizes 4 and 6. 

A lot of casual pants in different colours and designs.  Very few designs for skirts and shorts. 

Mostly browns and bright colours for pants.  Skirts mostly navy blue.  Shorts mostly neon colours. 

Prices before discount
Pants were MYR89, skirts and shorts were MYR63.


Waist size 34 inches and up were common.

Bermuda shorts and chinos.

Mostly bright colours, some patterned. 

Prices before discount
MYR99 for shorts and pants.

Since next weekend is Merdeka (National Day) weekend and a long weekend to boot, I expect that F.O.S. and other retailers will have some good deals.  In the past, F.O.S. rarely had discounts except on Merdeka weekends when they had 30% off storewide.  How times have changed!

Anyway, I’ll update if there are any good Merdeka deals.  Don’t shop ‘til you get enough discounts!

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