Monday, 7 September 2015

BudgetConsumer – Pansing Magazine Goodies (September 2015)

I was traipsing through Atria Shopping Gallery after the FJ Benjamin Clearance Sale when I passed Times Bookstore.  I decided to pop in to check if there were any good magazine freebies. 

I was in luck!  InTrend magazine was giving away goodie bags with every purchase of their September issue (MYR8).  I took a spy picture but it turned out blur.  The goodies were two Oxy products, a packet of wet tissues, a sheet mask from The Face Shop, a packet of three Miacare acne patches and a lip balm.  I think that was it.  The goodie bags are available in Times Bookstores throughout the Klang Valley but the contents vary.  I bought mine at a different bookstore and it came with mostly NuTeen anti-acne stuff. 

I found Pansing’s Facebook page (Pansing distributes InTrend magazine, among others) and they are offering a free cosmetic pouch filled with goodies for several other magazines.  However, this offer is only valid in certain Times Bookstores.  The nice staff at Times Bookstore let me see what was in the pouches when I asked.  There wasn’t much to be excited about – Victoria’s Secret fragrance vials, The Body Shop body butter and a few sachets of cosmetics.  In the end, I decided to buy InTrend magazine because I wanted to try the acne patches. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Thrift Finds in Amcorp Mall – August 2015

I would visit Amcorp Mall more often if the parking rates were more reasonable.  My curiosity got the better of me on National Day and I found myself setting the timer on my mobile phone to alert me when my 2 hours (costing a hefty MYR5) were about to be up.  As usual, I left without buying anything and worse, without any photos because I didn’t feel like asking the shop owners if I could take photos. 

Due to the lack of photos, you will have to make do with my chicken scratches of what I remember seeing.  Do note that some of the prices were told to me verbally.  I hope they don’t change the prices based on their moods.  To the best of my judgment, these aren’t fakes but I could be wrong.  I don’t think people would want to fake these brands, though. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

BeautyConsumer - Recent Samples

Once in a while, the urge to purchase beauty and cosmetic products strikes.  On a self-imposed beauty buy ban, I had to find other ways of feeding my addiction.  And it led to a new one – collecting free beauty samples.  I started trawling the Internet for free stuff (not just beauty samples) when I was in Australia.  Over the years I received:
  • A whole ream of A4 paper
  • Thong underwear (!)
  • One of those expensive razors with built-in moisturizer for women
  • Fragrance vials
  • Full size YSL Touche Eclat (actually this was a magazine giveaway but there were so many to give away I guess it counted as a freebie)
  • A bunch of Caudalie samples (I left a comment on their website requesting samples and they posted me some samples from France!  I was so impressed and have been a customer ever since)
  • A few mini mascaras and foundations
Recent beauty samples!
Anyway, I digress.  Malaysia isn’t as great as Australia for freebies but here are some of the samples I’ve picked up recently (1-2 months ago) from Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Melvita, Fresh, Tarte and Acuvue.  I haven’t tried any of them yet but I certainly have admired their dimunitive packaging countless times.  
3 sachets of Fresh masks from Sephora.  The cardboard bag they came in is so lovely!
Generally, I sign up for samples when a brand has a sampling program.  I don’t have the guts to approach counters to ask for samples.  The contact lenses were from a roadshow.  I’ve noticed that Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Melvita and L’Occitane have sampling programs regularly and don’t require you to sit through lengthly explanations or demonstrations.  All that is required of you is usually your personal details, proof that you’ve signed up for the samples (usually e-mails are accepted) and identification when you show up to collect the samples.  Kiehl’s does offer samples without purchase but you will need to spend some time in a “skin consultation” with them. 
Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water - quite a generous size
Tarte foundation sampler from Sephora (in exchange for any full-sized complexion product)
I must say, I would really like to grow a thicker skin and score some free La Mer or Laura Mercier samples like in this article!  Oh well, something to aspire to?