Monday, 7 September 2015

BudgetConsumer – Pansing Magazine Goodies (September 2015)

I was traipsing through Atria Shopping Gallery after the FJ Benjamin Clearance Sale when I passed Times Bookstore.  I decided to pop in to check if there were any good magazine freebies. 

I was in luck!  InTrend magazine was giving away goodie bags with every purchase of their September issue (MYR8).  I took a spy picture but it turned out blur.  The goodies were two Oxy products, a packet of wet tissues, a sheet mask from The Face Shop, a packet of three Miacare acne patches and a lip balm.  I think that was it.  The goodie bags are available in Times Bookstores throughout the Klang Valley but the contents vary.  I bought mine at a different bookstore and it came with mostly NuTeen anti-acne stuff. 

I found Pansing’s Facebook page (Pansing distributes InTrend magazine, among others) and they are offering a free cosmetic pouch filled with goodies for several other magazines.  However, this offer is only valid in certain Times Bookstores.  The nice staff at Times Bookstore let me see what was in the pouches when I asked.  There wasn’t much to be excited about – Victoria’s Secret fragrance vials, The Body Shop body butter and a few sachets of cosmetics.  In the end, I decided to buy InTrend magazine because I wanted to try the acne patches. 

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