Friday, 4 September 2015

Thrift Finds in Amcorp Mall – August 2015

I would visit Amcorp Mall more often if the parking rates were more reasonable.  My curiosity got the better of me on National Day and I found myself setting the timer on my mobile phone to alert me when my 2 hours (costing a hefty MYR5) were about to be up.  As usual, I left without buying anything and worse, without any photos because I didn’t feel like asking the shop owners if I could take photos. 

Due to the lack of photos, you will have to make do with my chicken scratches of what I remember seeing.  Do note that some of the prices were told to me verbally.  I hope they don’t change the prices based on their moods.  To the best of my judgment, these aren’t fakes but I could be wrong.  I don’t think people would want to fake these brands, though. 

White cotton silk blouse, Athe Vanessa Bruno, size 38 EUR, MYR15
This blouse was pretty, floaty, very sheer and slightly too large for me around the armpits.  Otherwise, I might have bought it, even after considering that I have 10 white shirts and blouses. 

Black dress with large colourful flowers, Ted Baker, size 3 Ted (equivalent to size 38 EUR), MYR65
This dress is slightly mature but looked quite new.  I don’t know if I’d wear something like that but it would be a good buy if you’re looking for something similar.  The sleeves on the dress are not fitted so I imagine it would be good for people who don’t like long sleeves or fitted short sleeves but still want sleeves. 

Black lace dress with sleeves, George Gross, size 10 AUS, MYR10
I liked this black lace dress by now-defunct South Australia designer George Gross.  Unfortunately, there is no way that I can squeeze myself into it!  Strangely, I am usually an Australian size 10.  I can’t remember if the dress is off-shoulder or has broad straps.  Anyway, a very pretty party dress at a drool-worthy price. 

Charcoal sleeveless dress with bubble hem, Marni, size 38 EUR, MYR80
I have to start by saying that this shop is my least favourite among all the thrift shops in Amcorp Mall.  I can never decipher the code for their prices and always have to ask them.  And worse, their prices always turn out to be higher than expected.  For example, this dress was marked “1509” and I saw some Zara dresses marked “6509”.  The sales assistant informed me that the dress was MYR150 but I could have it for MYR80.  Applying the logic that “1509” means MYR150, the Zara dresses would cost MYR650?!  

The dress is made of rather stiff material, although I think it is cotton.  It had a racer back and a bubble hem (I think). I thought this dress looked really unique (read: weird to the majority of the population) but I cannot justify paying MYR80 for a dress that I cannot try on and isn’t even new.

Cute pink lambswool jumper with multi-coloured stripes around the wrists
The other clothes I saw were mostly forgettable.  There were plenty of choices for larger sizes but not so many for smaller sizes.  The only photo I took that day was of this pink Ralph 100% lambswool sweater (MYR15) that was from a stall outside Guardian.  Everything else on the rack that you can barely see in the photo was also MYR15.  Unfortunately, they were packing up so I didn’t get a chance to look through all their merchandise properly.  

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