Friday, 9 October 2015

BeautyConsumer - Peter Thomas Roth, Roger & Gallet

Peter Thomas Roth is a brand I see and hear about a lot but have never tried.  I usually use hair and body products that do not have sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens but that doesn't stop me from occasionally trying products that do contain those ingredients.  

I discovered the products pictured above in my parents' house.  They probably came from hotels.  I will summarise my thoughts quickly as I find that I lose interest in lengthy product reviews.  

Roger & Gallet Bois D'Orange Conditioner

I wasn't very interested in this conditioner.  The smell is quite strong and the conditioner doesn't feel particularly moisturising.  Nothing spectacular.  

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo

I'm not good at describing scents so I can only say that the shampoo smells like a men's shampoo.  It is definitely not floral or fruity.  I don't particularly like the scent but it fades quickly.  The shampoo seems to leave my hair feeling very squeaky clean and stripped of moisture.  On the plus side, it doesn't seem to leave my eyes itching like other shampoos do.  

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Conditioner

The conditioner has the same scent as the shampoo.  To me, it behaves like a normal, good conditioner would.  It isn't too thick or rich or sticky like some other conditioners.  And it doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down.  

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash

The body wash smells citrusy, almost like oranges.  There are exfoliating micro-beads in it but I can't if they work or not.  The body wash has a rich, smooth and thick texture.  It feels quite luxurious, actually.  I find the body wash moisturising and pleasant to use.  The scent isn't overpowering, either. 

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Peter Thomas Roth products.  They don't irritate my skin or eyes and the scent doesn't linger for too long.  However, I think I would still continue buying SLS-free hair and body products.  

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