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Note:  Saaf skincare does not appear to be available in Malaysia any longer. 

Saaf is a brand of natural and organic skincare that I vaguely remembered being stocked at TNS Skinlab many years ago.  I never paid much attention to it.  However, I was browsing Shins in Mid Valley two years ago when I found some Saaf products hidden on a low shelf.  I was delighted to discover that they were on clearance!  Although I had never tried their products before, I must have had great faith in them, as evidenced by my first haul shown below. 

I've never purchased so much skincare at one go before!
The products I bought were:
  • Saaf organic enriching hair oil (MYR40, originally MYR199)
  • Saaf organic eraser body oil (MYR40, originally MYR279)
  • Saaf organic ultimate moisture face serum (MYR20, originally MYR249)
  • Saaf organic complexion boosting serum (MYR20, originally MYR249)
  • Saaf organic pure face cleanser and organic face cloth (MYR20, originally MYR199)

There were also body balms and foot balms available but I didn’t buy them.

What I have left of the serums and oils
That was not it.  When I returned to Shins a few weeks later, they had reduced all the prices to MYR10.  I just had to buy some more!  In total, I went to haul Saaf products three times.  Since then, I have used all the products except the body oil.  Here are my comments on the products. 
Saaf organic enriching hair oil
This hair oil leaves my hair bouncy and soft.  I find the scent to be pleasant and comforting but my friend complained that she smelt like a roast lamb leg after using it.  However, I probably wouldn’t buy this again because my hair isn’t dry and I’m too lazy to rub it in before I shampoo my hair.  My parents really love it, though.

Saaf organic ultimate moisture face serum, Saaf organic complexion boosting serum

Saaf organic ultimate moisture and complexion boosting serums
Saaf’s serums look fairly similar to me.  Actually, they are light yellow-coloured oils and not watery essences as you might expect from the name “serum”.  Both serums smell lovely and absorb into the skin easily.  My skin feels smoother and softer after using them.  When I stop using either serum for a while, I find that my skin is duller and more prone to breakouts. 

Saaf’s website states that the ultimate moisture serum is for dry, prematurely ageing or sagging skin, sun damaged skin or rosacea and hyperpigmentation.  The complexion boosting serum is supposed to help detox congested skin, oily and acne-prone skin conditions, dull skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture. 

However, I cannot spot a distinct difference between Saaf ultimate moisture face serum and Saaf complexion boosting serum.  They smell slightly different and the textures seem to be a bit different but they have the same effect on my skin.  I have been alternating between the two serums since I purchased them two years ago.  Between the two serums, I prefer the ultimate moisture face serum.  I just can’t explain why.  Both the serums are very good and I would buy either of them. 

Saaf organic pure face cleanser and organic face cloth

Saaf organic pure face cleanser and organic face cloth
I love this cleanser!  I had never tried a balm cleanser before this one but I loved this cleanser so much that I went back to Shins and bought all the stock available on the shelves (there weren’t that many left).  I even bought one for a beauty assistant at another natural skincare shop who said that she had been hunting for this cleanser for years and had even enlisted that her niece find it for her in the UK, all in vain.  Since I had bought so many Saaf products for so cheap, I was able to gift some of them to my friends and family.  Everyone who tried the Saaf cleanser loved it, from my mother to my roast lamb leg friend to another jet-setting friend who asked me where she could buy more. 


The Saaf cleanser is meant to be used with the organic face cloth provided.  The cleanser can also be used as a mask.  While using a face cloth may seem finicky, the results more than make up for the trouble.  I spread a thin layer of the cleanser on my face and neck and leave it for five minutes before washing it off with the face cloth soaked in warm water, as per the instructions.  The cleanser leaves my face glowing and clean but yet moisturised.  There is no squeaky-clean feeling as with other cleansers.  Best of all, my skin has no adverse reactions to the cleanser.  I almost never use facial cleansers because they tend to make my skin break out.  In fact, I usually wash my face with bar soap (apparently, a big no-no!). 

I like Saaf skincare very much but unfortunately, they seem to be unavailable in Malaysia now.  How am I going to survive when my stash runs out?

For those who are in the UK, you can purchase Saaf skincare products from their website:

In addition to being certified organic and natural, Saaf skincare is also certified halal, vegetarian, vegan, cruelty-free, GMO free, irradiation and alcohol-free.  You may refer to their accreditations on their website:

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