Saturday, 3 October 2015

H&M Mid-Season Deals

I was passing by H&M in The Spring Mall, Kuching when I spotted bright red signs with "deals" printed on them.  Obviously, I couldn't resist going in to see what was available.  There were already many shoppers inside despite the fact that it was a Wednesday!  

Dresses started from MYR30.  

Lovely lace dresses
There were some pretty lace dresses at MYR80.  Most of them were sleeveless but there were two designs that had long sleeves.  

Bras were mostly priced at an affordable MYR25.  Unfortunately, there weren't many sizes left.  If you are looking for cups A, C or D, you can try your luck.    For those who are wondering if H&M bras are any good, I think they are quite good for the price.  Perhaps I shall do a review in the near future.  

Cute printed shorts started from MYR25 and most of them had pockets.  I spotted the flowered shorts on the first episode of the second season of Fresh Off The Boat!

Constance Wu wearing H&M shorts on Fresh Off The Boat
In the home department, most of the sale stock from my last H&M Home report at The Spring Mall remained.  The prices hadn't dropped either!  There were some comforters but they were rather expensive at MYR199.  I saw some pillowcases (linen, ruffled linen, cotton) that were marked down to MYR30.  

I didn't check out the men's and children's departments.  Until next time, I hope you snag some great deals at H&M this season!

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