Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ralph Lauren Spring 2016 RTW

I love Ralph Lauren.  I always look forward to his runway shows.  He usually shows on the last day of New York Fashion Week so I will be impatiently waiting for the runway photos to emerge.  
For Spring 2016, Ralph Lauren presented a less showy collection.  There were plenty of clean lines, and crisp fabrics.  It was nautical miles away from the glamorous, colourful luxe safari collection he showed for Spring 2015.  Embellishments and jewelry were seemingly absent amid the sea of navy and white looks, some of them punctuated by buttery leather outerwear.  The bags were more casual and functional than glamorous.

All that said, I still enjoyed this collection.  It was focused and very wearable, unlike some of the designers' collections which were all over the place, lacking in beauty and practicality.  Stripes featured strongly in this collection, whether horizontal, vertical, wide or narrow.  The colours for each look were kept to a minimum.  I felt that the multicoloured looks were a bit odd and not very Ralph, for some reason.  The swirls of colour on some of the monochrome outfits were not something I enjoyed but at least they did not ruin any of the looks.  Relaxed trousers and culottes appeared to be the order of the season and it was no different at Ralph Lauren.  
I really loved this long, ruffled white skirt.  Ralph Lauren designs the most beautiful ruffled skirts, ever!  
I also liked Look 13 with its blue and red striped short-sleeved knit and girlish skirt.  I thought that this blue gown looked quite uncharacteristic of Ralph Lauren, given its form-fitting panels more usually found on Herve Leger dresses.  But then again, who am I to say anything?  
I loved the last few strapless dresses.  Apparently, they were made of cotton!  The designs showed off the prints of the fabric wonderfully.  I never knew stripes could look so incredible on dresses.  The last look was my favourite out of all the looks shown.  The print looked like an optical illusion and the skirt was gathered to maximise the visual impact of the print.  I could stare at it for hours.  Ralph Lauren is a genius.
Image credit: Vogue

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