Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sasa Warehouse Sale @ Citta Mall (14-18 October 2015)

Image credit:  Sasa Malaysia's Facebook page
I wasn’t expecting much when I read that Sasa was having a warehouse sale.  I figured that Sasa already has two permanent factory outlets (Sungei Wang Plaza and Mitsui Outlet Sepang) and most of their excess stock would go there.  After much thinking, I decided to venture to Citta Mall to check out the warehouse sale as there was an Esprit warehouse sale going on and a thrift shop that I could use to salvage my trip if there was nothing to buy at the Sasa warehouse sale. 

Turns out that I was wrong!  My only purchases were from the Sasa warehouse sale.  Please read on for more information. 

Not very big or crowded.

Merchandise and Prices (according to memory):
  • Kiss Me Heroine mascaras (assorted):  MYR15
  • Kiss Me Heroine mascara and mascara remover sets
  • Kiss Me Heroine pencil eyeliners (black, dark brown, white, pink):  MYR5
  • Isehan sunblock:  MYR10
  • Natio skincare
  • Collistar
  • Suisse Programme
  • Cyber Colours
  • Assorted sheet masks
  • Giovanni conditioners, leave-in conditioners, body washes, travel sets:  MYR20
  • The Balm Time Balm concealer, lipsticks:  MYR30
  • The Balm Time Balm foundation:  MYR40
  • Assorted makeup tools (sponges, brushes, spray bottles, atomisers):  MYR5-8?
  • Mary Quant makeup (eyeliners, eyeshadows etc.)
  • K-Palette eyeliner sets and mascara sets:  MYR50-60?
  • Fragrances (about 5 types?): MYR100?

There was plenty of staff around to help with prices.  There were testers available.  In general, the stock was in good condition and not nearing expiry (the ones that I checked, anyway).  There weren’t a lot of brands available but there were tons of sheet masks.  I was hoping to get some Giovanni shampoos or Nuxe products but there were none.  I didn’t need any mascaras, otherwise I’d have bought the Kiss Me Heroine ones

My Haul:

I bought three bottles of sunblock because I just finished my Kiss Me SunKiller sunblock.  The one with the closest expiry date (March 2016) is the yellow one.  The others expire in March 2017 (Note that there are different expiry dates).  Now I feel like I should have bought more!  I picked up a dark brown Kiss Me Heroine pencil eyeliner as I only have black eyeliners now.  The atomizer/spray bottle was an impulse purchase as it was only MYR2 (so no false advertising from Sasa) and I usually buy mine from Daiso for MYR5.30.  I actually picked up two of them but settled for one as I think I still have some stashed away at home. 

In total, I spent MYR37.  Considering that I usually spend at least MYR25 on a 40ml bottle of sunblock, I think this sale was a good one (even after factoring in petrol and toll costs)! 

The sale ends tomorrow so those who are in the vicinity of Citta Mall might want to drop by to have a look.  If Citta Mall is too far away for you, I think you can skip this sale without much regret. 

Happy shopping!

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