Saturday, 17 October 2015

Valiram Friends & Family Sale @ Westin Kuala Lumpur (16-18 October 2015)

Valiram is having a friends and family sale this weekend. Although I don’t need anything and never rarely find anything to buy at their sales, I decided to pay them a visit in the name of being a busybody research. 
Image credit:  Valiram's website

The view of the queue from below at around 11 a.m.
I like the Westin Kuala Lumpur a lot.  However, I find that their elevators tend to be slow, probably due to the many passengers.  I usually take the stairs to these friends and family sales which are located either on the first or second floor.  I arrived at the second floor only to find that Valiram had put their cashier counters right in front of the stairs and had effectively blocked anyone from using the stairs.  I don’t understand why??!!  Anyway, the sale space was only about half of the ballroom. 

Merchandise and Prices:

Since the space wasn’t very large, there wasn’t a lot of merchandise.  Brands spotted were:
  • Kate Spade (clothing, bags, accessories, shoes)
  • Tory Burch (clothing, bags, accessories, shoes)
  • Michael Michael Kors (clothing, bags, accessories, shoes)
  • Giuseppe Zanotti (shoes and a few accessories)
  • Tumi (luggage, bags, small accessories like toiletry bags)
  • TWG Tea (very few choices)
  • Godiva (very few choices)
  • Swarovski (very few choices)
  • Various airport cosmetic brands like L’oreal, H20 (again, very few choices)
  • Victoria’s Secret (accessories, underwear and toiletries)
  • Bath and Body Works (candles, toiletries)
  • La Martina (mostly clothing)
  • Watches – Citizen, Omega, Swatch, Tissot (again, very few choices)
  • Mont Blanc (very few choices)

Tory Burch accessories
By far, the brands with the most stock were La Martina, Tory Burch, Michael Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Victoria’s Secret and Tumi.  Were the other brands there simply to make up a larger number of brands offered?  There were less than 10 varieties of Godiva and TWG products for each brand!  I didn’t see any Jimmy Choo like at previous sales. 

Prices were typical of previous Valiram friends and family sales.  Discounts started at 30%(!) and, according to their signage, ended at 90%.  I did not manage to find anything that was 90% off although there were some items that were marked at flat prices. For example, some Michael Michael Kors shoes were priced at MYR200 and some Michael Michael Kors clothes were marked at MYR100.
Victoria’s Secret had something like 5 pairs of underwear for around MYR70-80.  Tumi was discounted between 50% to 60% off.  The most popular brands were Michael Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Tory Burch.  The discounts, thankfully, started at 50% off.  Most people were shopping for handbags and shoes.  The clothing racks were quite easy to browse.  A pair of shoes would still cost at least MYR300.  Jelly sandals or Kate Spade X Keds canvas shoes would cost less.

Some of the Tory Burch shoes  that were on sale
I wasn’t surprised at the outcome of the sale i.e. leaving empty-handed.  Strangely, I keep going to Valiram’s friends and family sales year after year despite never having bought anything!  There were loads of people who bought multiple handbags and shoes although I saw many people leave without buying anything too. There was far less merchandise this time around.  I took 30 minutes to survey the sale offerings.  My friend took merely 20 minutes.  And that was with small children and infants in prams constantly being in the way! 

TWG Oud Night Tea was MYR170 before discount
Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of the sale.  Based on my past experience, the last day is usually pretty quiet and there are more staff than shoppers!  I don’t think there is anything to regret if you can’t make it to the sale. 
Tumi luggage at 60% off
Oh, but if you do, remember to bring along your business card and drop it off at the foot of the stairs near The Living Room.  It might just turn out to be more rewarding than the sale.  

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