Monday, 16 November 2015

BeautyConsumer – Kings & Queens Chinese Ambassador Green Pear 2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel


Price:  MYR39 (before discount)
Where:  Shins Mid Valley Megamall
Size:  300ml
Repurchase:  Yes

Whew!  What a mouthful for a product name!  I was poking around the inner corners of Shins with the requisite sales associate shadowing me when I found a few Kings & Queens bath and body products discounted at 60% off.  I was instantly captivated by the fancy packaging and breathless story-telling of some coveted exotic ingredient used in the product. 
Even the flip top looks pretty..........
Yeah.  I got suckered in by aesthetics.  So much so that I failed to notice that this 2-in-1 shampoo and shower gel contains sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)!  It doesn’t contain silicones, parabens or mineral oil so I assumed that it wouldn’t contain SLS.  It was too late by the time I found out but I wasn’t terribly upset because:
  • I liked the packaging
  • Apparently, it was made by Korres, whose products I’ve never tried
Spot all the Greek on the back of the bottle
I’ve been using the product solely as a shampoo and am pleased to report that I like it!  It has a scent like Chinese pears which isn’t strong and fades after a while.  It leaves my hair clean but not dry or tangled or weighed down.  So, no complaints from me at all.  I didn’t use it as a shower gel because I simply need it more as a shampoo and I wouldn’t consider it cheap as a shower gel. 

I haven’t tried the other few Kings & Queens products left on the shelves but I’m certainly tempted to.  There were shower gels, body milks, body butters and scrubs left.  Has anyone tried them before?

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