Friday, 27 November 2015

Glasshouse Candles in Robinsons Malaysia

I had heard a lot about Glasshouse candles and how people were lugging them back from Australia.  I was on my way out of Robinsons after buying an ironing board cover when I passed displays of new interior fragrance and candle brands.  Glasshouse was one of them.  The others were DayNa Decker (USA), iKOU (Australia) and Culti.  ‘Tis the season to bring in candles?  TNS Skinlab has brought in Ecoya, another brand of candles from Australia. 
The Glasshouse display at Robinsons
Prices seemed standard for luxury candles, until I searched online and found out that Luxola carries Glasshouse products too. 

Prices for Glasshouse candles (not the La Maison ones):

60g – MYR139 (Robinsons), MYR81 (Luxola)
350g – MYR279 (Robinsons), MYR144 (Luxola)

So I guess fans of Glasshouse will know what to do………..ha!  Perhaps, check out the candles in person at Robinsons and order them online from Luxola?  Not that I’m suggesting anything here.   

DayNa Decker and iKOU displays
Happy shopping!

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