Thursday, 5 November 2015

Michael Kors Collection Spring 2016 RTW

Michael Kors, the champion of luxe sportswear, has been producing some incredible collections in recent years.  His version of glamour is understated but not boring, subtly sexy but not vulgar.  It is quite refreshing to see Michael Kors’ clothing among a sea of loud and confused colours, patterns and prints offered by other labels.

For Spring 2016, fashion’s newest billionaire presented a collection that appeared to have two contrasting themes.  A large part of the looks were pretty and feminine and peppered with blossoms.  The other looks were tough and mostly black.  Both were well-executed and wearable.  The colour palette consisted of red, black, khaki, cream, white with the occasional orange, blue and mustard.  Admittedly, not my favourite colours but Michael Kors made all of them appealing. 

Many of the girly dresses were adorned with appliquéd flowers.  Some of them were poppies.  I personally preferred the plain flowers without black centres.  The blooms even invaded some of the grungier looks, appearing on a black tiered maxi skirt worn with a white singlet, a cross-body messenger bag, a tough-looking wide belt and multi-strapped sandals.

I loved how Michael Kors made a potentially dumpy ensemble of a loose three-quarter sleeved blouse and a skirt that was below the knee into a wearable yet beautiful outfit by using white flower motifs.  

There were some outfits punctuated with sheer lace panels, which made them look romantic and even a little otherworldly.  I liked this almost office-friendly cream top which was paired with a sheer tiered skirt (not so office-friendly after all).  A long cream dress with three-quarter length sleeves and a lace hem looked ethereal, not matronly as one might think long dresses usually look. 

This was another look that I liked – a grey sweater with a matching belt criss-crossing the waist, worn with loose, white three-quarter length pants and slip-on sandals.  It seemed very comfortable and full of laid-back cool.

Michael Kors might not be the designer that attracts the most attention on the runway or social media but his clothes speak for themselves.  They may not grab your attention but they will certainly be the ones you grab from the closet to wear the most often.  The man must be doing something right to become a billionaire.

Image credits:Vogue

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