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Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang – 1st Impression

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I had been dying to visit Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP) in Sepang.  I restrained myself from driving there when it had its soft opening in May, and again when they officially opened in July.  I didn’t want to go there before most of the shops had opened.  I flirted with the idea of popping to the outlet whenever I arrived at KLIA2 but it seemed too troublesome with luggage in tow. 

I finally made the long trip to Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang on Deepavali.  There were so many things I wanted to know but no matter how much I scoured the Internet, I couldn’t find the answers to my questions.  I wanted to know if the outlet was worth visiting, if prices were good, how the outlet compared to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), what exactly was in the Club21 Outlet etc.  If you want to know what I think, do read on. 

(Read about my second visit to MOP here)
Location & Parking
Mitsui Outlet Park is easy to find with the help of GPS.  You can see it from the highway and there are no other buildings in its vicinity.  There are plenty of outdoor car parks but they do fill up fast.  Parking rates, however, are expensive (MYR2 per hour, no maximum charge). 

There are sufficient food and beverage outlets, including a food court.  They seemed to be doing roaring business while I was there. 

Toilets were easy to locate and had a sufficient number of stalls.  There were children’s toilets in the ladies’ toilets.  However, I think that the toilets could have been cleaner. 

Topshop/Dorothy Perkins/Warehouse/Miss Selfridge Outlet

I had hoped for more but the outlet was relatively small.  On average, discounts were about 50% off.  Nothing exciting or cheap was to be found.  It was like their regular shops on sale but with lousier merchandise and fewer sizes but not cheaper prices. 

Zalora Outlet
I was in and out of the outlet in two minutes but it was bustling with people, for some odd reason.  I only saw Zalora’s own brand offered in the outlet. 

Mango (MNG) Outlet
Prices were ok, slightly lower than during their regular shops on sale.  It wasn’t too bad but I didn’t need anything and I find MNG to be quite uninteresting in recent years. 

Diane Von Furstenberg Outlet
The outlet was just as colourful as any regular shop.  Discounts ranged from 30% (geez) to 60% off.  I think wrap dresses were less discounted.  Still, the range of merchandise offered was pretty good and everything was in good condition.  There weren’t many accessories or bags, though. 

Melium Outlet
The floor had cracks and was uneven in some places so beware.  There were a lot of Stuart Weitzman shoes available, mostly high heels.  There were also some Sam Edelman shoes.  Discounts were around 50% off.  Clothing was rather disappointing.  Most of them looked quite old and worn and weren’t even that cheap.  I saw some Juicy Couture, Farah Khan and Just Cavalli.  I even saw Iphone 4 Juicy Couture covers. 

New Balance Outlet
There were a few styles that were marked down to MYR99.  The rest of the store was having a “Buy 1st pair at 30% off, buy 2nd at 50% off and buy 3rd pair at 70% off” offer.

Bratpack Outlet
A bit disappointing.  There were very few pairs of Fit Flops available and they weren’t in the best condition.  Sizes were limited and prices weren’t cheap (around 40% off only).  I wasn’t interested in the rest of the brands available.  If you’re looking to buy Fit Flops at a discount, it would be better to stick to their warehouse sales or department store sales.

Sasa Outlet
The Sasa outlet was bustling with people.  I found quite a lot of Déjà vu eyeliners/mascaras/eyebrow stuff on sale.  There were some Nuxe products with discounts from 30% onwards.  The range of Giovanni products available at the outlet was quite good – shower gels (MYR15), conditioners (50% off), shampoos (50% off) and some styling products.  The expiry dates were written in ballpoint pen on the bottles.  There was some makeup from The Balm on sale (overshadow, lip gloss, lipsticks, a palette or two) but I didn’t check them out.  I suspect they might be quite old, though. 

Isetan Outlet Store
The Isetan Outlet Store was surprisingly small, considering that Isetan is quite a large department store.  There was a corner with Naraya stuff, some bedsheets and towels and some Hello Kitty stuff.  There were maybe 4 racks of clothing in total.  I saw some Esprique and Freshel sets.  Strangely, there was a shelf with Tanamera spa products (soaps, essential oils).  There were a few pairs of Fendi, Agnes B and Zoo York sunglasses.  Since the prices and merchandise weren’t that attractive, I suppose Isetan clears most of their stock at their regular in-store sales.

Sacoor Outlet
This was a very popular outlet.  Everything was 75% off and there was clothing for everyone in the family.  There were a few bags and some driving shoes in bright colours.  I saw some men’s wool jumpers and cardigans going for less than MYR200. 

Outlet 360
I wouldn’t have ventured into this outlet if I didn’t spy the word “Birkenstock” in their window.  I spotted some on sale for 30% to 50% off.  Naturalizer shoes were 65% (or was it 75%) off when I visited.  There were a lot of children’s shoes (Polo Ralph Lauren – too cute, Guess, etc.). 

Edit:  I visited the Birkenstock store at One Utama this week and found roughly the same styles and discounts in-store as in Mitsui Outlet Park.  

Onitsuka Tiger Outlet
The Onitsuka Tiger outlet was really quiet.  No wonder, as discounts were only about 30%. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet
It seems like the Polo Ralph Lauren outlet is always a major attraction in any factory outlet mall.  Like the outlets I visited in Johor and Las Vegas, this outlet was full of people.  The good thing is that the store practices crowd control so you might find a line outside quite often.  There was scant Denim & Supply merchandise, plenty of polo shirts and t-shirts with the pony logo.  There was a “Buy 4 items, extra 20% off, buy 6 items extra 30% off” offer which I think is quite standard among Polo Ralph Lauren outlets.  Polo shirts weren’t cheap but I already expected that.  There were some clothes discounted at 80% off but they were quite old and I had already seen 50% of them at previous Polo Ralph Lauren warehouse sales and had even bought and worn some of them!  Some of the clothes weren’t in good condition – snags, tears, stains – so choose carefully.

Aren't the Ralph Lauren baby blankets just the sweetest things?
Near the cashier counter were some sunglasses (MYR380), caps (MYR66), belts and the cutest, softest baby blankets with bear rattles (MYR190).  There were children’s clothing and men’s clothing available too but I didn’t really look.  The children’s side was quiet compared to the busyness of the adults’ side. 

Outlet by Club21

I was dying to find out if the Club21 outlet was any good.  It was, but that didn’t mean that I could afford it!  The store was really quiet, spacious and neat.  It’s practically a world away from the noise and crowds outside.  Very nice, really.  Clothing was mostly 80-90% off and shoes were discounted less but I didn’t spot any merchandise marked down to flat prices like in the old days.  Gosh, I feel old saying that.  Brands I saw – Marni, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten.  There was very little 3.1 Philip Lim (sob!), Sacai Luck, Carven and T by Alexander Wang.  I had forgotten how expensive Lanvin was until I saw a rack of clothes at the outlet.  MYR795 for a blouse after a discount of 90%!  I saw some Balenciaga footwear at 60% off. (shown below)  The high top sneakers were MYR2590 before discount. 

Balenciaga footwear at Club21 Outlet
Most of the things I coveted from the warehouse sales weren’t at the outlet and if they were, the prices weren’t lower.  So, I guess I’ll still have to go to Club21’s crazy warehouse sales to score the stuff I want.  There is definitely more choice at the warehouse sales.  However, if you can’t make it to one, the outlet will do nicely.  You can try out everything at your leisure under flattering lighting and with plenty of help from the sales associates.  A world away from the chaos at the warehouse sales with no fitting rooms and only 3 narrow mirrors! 

Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
The outlet was quite sparse – more space than merchandise.  Prices seemed to be no different from those in regular stores during sales.  I would skip this one. 

Noritake Outlet
I was very curious to find out what exactly is in a Noritake outlet.  I mean, they make incredibly expensive china.  The outlet was not very big and they also sold Luminarc.  Discounts started from 30% off.  I was quite happy to find out that the plain white, 12-piece Noritake sets cost around MYR280 after discounts.  That doesn’t seem unattainable, right?  They also had cutlery available.  The staff were very friendly and helpful. 

LeSportSac Outlet
I had imagined that LeSportSac would have a larger outlet.  This was about the size of their store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur i.e. tiny.  That wasn’t the only tiny thing about the outlet – discounts were miniscule too.  The weekender in XL was still MYR400+ after discount.  The Tokidoki range is still available here, although discounted at only 30% off. 

How does MOP fare against JPO?
Honestly, I like JPO’s selection of brands better.  There aren’t enough designer brands available in MOP.  JPO has Kate Spade, Coach, Ferragamo, a double-store Burberry, a huge Armani outlet, CK Calvin Klein etc.  However, I wouldn’t say that MOP is a lousy outlet.  I would still visit but only after careful planning.  It’s not worth going there just to have a look around unless you live nearby or haven’t been there before. 

Have you snagged any great bargains at Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang?

Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang

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