Monday, 2 November 2015

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – The Ones That Got Away 2

I haven’t thrifted much this year.  According to my records, I have only bought two items of clothing from thrift shops this year.  I did find some amazing things that I would loved to buy but just couldn’t.  Why, oh, why?  By the way, I think most of these clothes have already been bought by other people so don’t go rushing out to see if you can snag them. 
Monsoon black bandage dress


I had wanted a bandage dress for some time, but had not been actively hunting for one.  I thought this was quite a nice bandage dress by Monsoon that didn’t look too trashy.  Unfortunately, it was too small for me.  I probably wouldn’t be able to exhale in it!  It was gone before I could even consider dieting to fit into it. 

Yves Saint Laurent leopard print dress
Love the subtle YSL logs on the leopard print!
I love Yves Saint Laurent.  I even love what the house has put out since Yves Saint Laurent passed away.  I was so excited to discover this Yves Saint Laurent (before it became Saint Laurent) leopard print dress at a thrift shop.  I love leopard print, silk and Yves Saint Laurent.  So what could be the problem?  The size………….. *wails*…..and also the ridiculous price of MYR243.80!  It was too big for me and too expensive to consider altering. 

D&G black dress with lace panel

I was digging around a thrift shop without much success when I saw this sexy little number by the now-defunct D&G.  The price was perfect – MYR32.  The dress looked very D&G.  It was acetate but I could forgive that.  I had no need for such a sexy dress (the lace panel was completely sheer) but I didn’t mind adding it to my wardrobe just for fun.  Too bad for me, it was too big.  It was a European size 44.  Sigh. 

Chanel black Chevron wool dress
You'll always be the one that got away
As usual, I save the best for last.  I was flicking through a rack of dresses at a thrift shop when I found this amazing, textured dress with a label that said “Chanel”.  I was hyperventilating as I checked to see if it was authentic.  I almost fainted when I saw that it was my size.  Then I almost fainted when I saw that it was priced at MYR297.  I think that is way too expensive!  Seriously!  No matter how I tried, I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a second hand dress.  It didn’t fit me that well – it was a bit too loose around the shoulders and too tight around the hips, as most European clothes do.  And it was wool, highly unsuitable for our tropical weather.  The lining was silk, though.  I loved the cute little button!  I let this dress slip out of my hands most reluctantly………..sob!  Somebody has since bought this dress so I can’t even save up to buy it. 

I guess that’s all of my thrift sob stories for now.  I’m hoping to tell you thrift fairy tales next! 

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