Thursday, 10 December 2015

BeautyConsumer – Coslys Facial Cleansing Lotion and Facial Toner

My Coslys haul.  I have yet to use the day and night creams
I had previously sighted Coslys products at Shins stores before and planned to try them, especially since Coslys products were affordably priced.  Ever the procrastinator, I only got around to trying Coslys recently when Shins had a sale.

Coslys is a French brand of cosmetics inspired by nature.  According to their website, all Coslys products are
  • Free from artificial fragrance or colouring
  • P.E.G. free
  • G.M.O. free,
  • S.L.S. free and A.L.S. free,
  • Formulated without any parabens and phenoxyethanol presevatives, 
  • Not tested on animals
Please read on for my thoughts on the two products that I have used for several weeks. 

Coslys Facial Cleansing Lotion
Size:  200ml
Price:  MYR49
Repurchase:  Yes


Coslys facial cleansing lotion is sodium laureth sulfate (S.L.S.) free, paraben-free and scented with fragrance from natural origins only. 


The lotion is a milky beige colour that smells pleasantly natural.  The scent is slightly floral but very milk.  Being a lotion, it does not produce any foam.  In fact, the instructions do not even mention rinsing the lotion off after application but to “remove residues with Coslys facial toner”.  The lotion is pleasant and comfortable to use.  It is not drying or harsh at all and I experienced no allergic reactions or breakouts. 

Coslys Facial Toner
Size:  200ml
Price:  MYR49
Repurchase:  Yes


I bought the toner to go with the facial cleansing lotion.  I had been looking for a toner so I was happy to discover that Coslys’ toner met all my requirements.  The toner is a clear, pale yellow, watery liquid.  It has a pleasant, natural scent.  I find that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after use.  It is gentle on my skin and I observed no adverse side effects. 

Overall, I am happy with the Coslys facial cleansing lotion and facial toner.  I definitely plan on trying more Coslys products in the future.

Coslys products are available at Shins stores in Malaysia

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