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My Giovanni family!
I first discovered Giovanni products by way of their shampoos.  I was looking for a sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and paraben-free shampoo and found Giovanni shampoos at Sasa.  I’ve been using their shampoos and conditioners regularly since then.  Here are some of my comments.
Giovanni Shampoos
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The shampoos are by far the products I use most frequently.  I love them.  they don’t make my scalp or eyes itch.  They don’t leave my hair dry or weighed down.  I’ve tried a few varieties but I like the Golden Wheat Deep Cleanse shampoo and the Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating shampoo the best.  I find the Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture shampoo a bit too rich for me.  I’d still buy it occasionally though.  The scents used in all the shampoos are quite mild and dissipate quickly. 

I prefer this bottle!
The only thing I don’t like about the shampoos is the bottle design.  It’s difficult to open a near-empty bottle to get the last bit of shampoo out.  I like the huge 1000ml pump bottles but I don’t see them anymore in Sasa.  I bought mine during a “Buy 2 for MYR99” promotion last year (normal price was MYR89 per bottle).  I haven’t needed to buy any shampoo this year! 

Giovanni Conditioners

Giovanni makes nice conditioners that perform well.  However, I find that using too much will result in greasy hair.  A 20-cent or 50-cent sized dollop will do the job for my shoulder length hair.  I suppose the fact that their conditioners are so rich isn’t a bad thing since I’ll need to replenish conditioners less often.  The conditioners are housed in the same types of bottles as the shampoos.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner


I bought this during a phase when I was obsessed with anti-frizz products.  This product leaves my hair soft and manageable.  However, as with Giovanni’s other conditioners, I have to be very careful not to use too much.  The product has a slightly greasy feel on my hands so I need to wash my hands after applying it to my hair. 

Giovanni Straight Fast Straightening Elixir


I think I bought this with some Sasa vouchers that I won.  It does make my hair look straighter after I use it and blow dry my hair.  Unfortunately, it is quite sticky and I find that I really need to wash my hands immediately after rubbing it onto my hair.  It’s a bit inconvenient.  I probably wouldn’t repurchase this as I don’t have much use for it. 

Giovanni Body Washes & Body Lotions


I tried Giovanni’s Body Washes for the first time this year when I purchased some travel sets.  I tried both the Cucumber Song and Grapefruit Sky ones.  They were pretty good, considering I usually don’t like using body washes.  They had a thick, luxurious texture, smelt nice without being too cloying and were quite moisturising.  I wouldn’t buy them again because I have a stash of 10 or more bath soaps.  The travel-size bottles that they came in can be opened and re-used easily. 

I tried the Cucumber Song and Grapefruit sky body lotions that were in the travel sets.  I am not a big fan of body lotions as I hate the sticky feeling that some of them leave on my skin.  These Giovanni body lotions, thankfully, left my skin feeling soft but not sticky.  The scents, as always, are pleasing and not very strong. 

Overall, I really like Giovanni products and would continue buying them (as I have for the past 5 years).  I hope Sasa doesn’t stop bringing them in! 

Tips for Buying Giovanni
  • Look out for sales in Sasa.  Shampoos and conditioners are sometimes on sale at 20% off
  • Check Sasa Factory Outlets for Giovanni products at discounted prices.  The expiration dates may be closer, though (usually 3 – 6 months to expiry)

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