Friday, 4 December 2015

BeautyConsumer - Nivea Crème Fairy Tales Limited Edition Tins

When I read that Nivea had collaborated with German artist Joelle Tourlonias to come up with some cute limited edition Nivea Crème tins and children’s stories, I didn’t think that they would be available in Malaysia!  I squealed with delight when I saw the limited edition tins in Watsons’ latest catalogue.  We don’t get the Winter Edition tins (they’re even cuter), unfortunately, but that’s okay.  We also only get the 150ml tins and not the tiny 75ml tins but that’s okay too.  If you purchase at least MYR50 of Nivea products at Watsons, you get a tumbler!  I didn’t read about tumblers being given out as gift-with-purchase in other countries. 

At my local Watsons, I saw that all four designs were available.  They were stacked in the front of the store and not with the other Nivea products.  I picked up just one tin (exercising extreme restraint) for MYR11.35.  Please do be careful at Watsons as I was initially charged the full price of MYR12.60 instead of the discounted price of MYR11.35 advertised in the catalogue.  They did a price adjustment but it took some time. 

For those who like to nitpick that they only use Nivea Crème that is made in Germany (most Nivea products sold in Malaysia are made in Thailand), the limited edition ones are indeed made in Germany.  I had a look at the other Nivea products on the shelves and found that some Nivea Crème was made in Germany and others in Thailand.  It seems to depend on the size of the tin.  Some sunblock products were even made in Spain.  I guess we get a good mix of Nivea products in Malaysia. 

I was quite happy to find that we aren’t being charged a huge markup for the limited edition Nivea Crème.  They retail for €2.99 for 150ml in Europe and £1.99 for 75ml in the UK.  The limited edition tins are available exclusively at Watsons and the discounted price is valid until 4 January 2016.  Did you get any of the limited edition Nivea tins?  

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  1. I managed to get two 150ml cans of this! I never thought this would be available in Malaysia, yet when I saw this at Watson, I simply grab two cans! Above all, it is made in Germany!