Tuesday, 19 January 2016

BeautyConsumer - Avène Sunscreens

Avène is one of those drugstore brands that I have a fairly good impression of but would never bother trying at retail price.  However, chance encounters with discounted Avène products at Alpro pharmacies led to my buying some products.  For some reason, I bought four sunscreens from Avène to try over the past year or so although I am quite a fan of Bioré’s sunscreen and have repurchased them many times.  Please read on for my thoughts. 

 Avène Lotion for Children (Very High Protection SPF50+, Fragrance-Free)

Price:  MYR99 (I paid MYR30)

Size: 100ml

Colour:  cream

Texture:  very fluid

Smell:  pleasant and mild

Comments:  I bought this on a whim.  I figured that whatever works for children should be milder and that turned out to be true.  This sunscreen is almost like a liquid and spreads easily without any white cast.  There is almost no smell, which suits me.  I like that it is quite economical as the adult sunscreens are around the same price but are much smaller. 

Repurchase:  Yes, even at full price.


Avène Mineral Cream (Very High Protection SPF50+, Fragrance-Free, Without Chemical Filter)

Price:  MYR89 (I paid MYR30)

Size:  50ml

Colour: light beige

Texture: thick

Smell: mild

Comments:  I actually used up this sunscreen!  While the texture is a bit difficult to spread and leaves a bit of a white cast, I didn’t find it unmanageable. 

Repurchase:  Maybe, but not at full price. 


Avène Tinted Cream (Very High Protection SPF50+)

Price:  MYR89 (I paid MYR30)

Size: 50ml

Colour: dark beige

Texture: creamy, not too thick and not too fluid

Smell:  AWFUL

Comments:  Having finished up the Avène Mineral Cream, I bought this tinted sunscreen.  Since my experience with the mineral cream was good, I failed to notice that this tinted cream wasn’t fragrance-free.  How bad could it be, right?  It smelled so bad!  The tinted cream had an absolutely nauseating chemical smell that just lingered forever and wouldn’t go away!  The best description of the smell that I can come up with is the smell from the interior of a plane.  I threw this away after trying to use it three times.  I figured that I shouldn’t torture myself. 

Repurchase:  Never


Avène Cleanance Sunscreen (High Protection SPF30)

Price:  MYR89 (I paid MYR30)

Size: 50ml

Colour: cream

Texture: creamy, not too thick and not too fluid

Smell:  Just as bad as the tinted cream

Comments:  After chucking the tinted cream in the bin, I opened this sunscreen instead.  And gagged as that awful, familiar smell of the tinted cream wafted into my nostrils.  I haven’t thrown this one out yet and am thinking of “making it work” because I already spent the money on it.  But the smell is just so bad!

Repurchase:  Never


Overall comments

Out of all the four sunscreens, I would recommend only the lotion for children.  If you’re daring enough to try adult Avène sunscreens, please do check that the one you’re purchasing is labeled “fragrance-free”.  Trust me, the smell of the ones that aren’t fragrance-free are horrible, nausea-inducing and possibly vomit-inducing (more on that soon).  As for me, I shall return to using Japanese sunscreens as soon as I finish off these Avène sunscreens (or throw them away).  

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