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Fashion Fast Forward Warehouse Sale @ Atria Shopping Gallery (22-25 January 2016)

I was at the members’ preview of the Fashion Fast Forward Warehouse Sale today.  I’m sure everyone is itching to go and trying to decide whether to go or not so I’ll address those burning questions first and edit this post later for more photos and details.

For people who are thinking of dashing there today
The queue to pay was still snaking all the way to the back of the venue and looped around several times when I left at 3.30pm.  I queued for 2.5 hours just to pay. 

There is an additional discount of 10% for a minimum purchase of 3 items.  However, the additional 10% discount for Citibank credit card holders doesn’t apply anymore.  As such, the maximum additional discount is only 10%.  That kind of defeats the purpose of having an extra discount on preview day! 

Please note that 10% additional discount means 10% off the already discounted price, i.e. not 70% + 10% = 80%. 

Discounts were either 60% or 70%.  I saw a rack of ladies clothes at 80% off but they weren’t that great.  The merchandise marked at flat prices (MYR9, 19, 29, 39) were left mostly untouched because they weren’t attractive.  Do check your stuff carefully because one pair of Pumpkin Patch pants scanned at full price (MYR149) but the cashier told me that was the final price.  There was no discount marked on the tag so no dispute there. 

If you’re going there for shoes and bags, not much is left.  I saw some unopened boxes stacked at the venue so I assume that there will be restocking over the next few days.

I don’t think you will miss much if you go over the weekend instead of today and tomorrow.  I heard a lot of people grumbling because of the long queues because they had only taken half a day of leave.

Full review behind the jump.

There were so many people at the sale today.  I arrived just before 11 am and had to queue for ten minutes to get in.  The queue stretched all the way to the escalator.  There were quite a lot of children and even some very young babies at the sale so do be very careful. 

I thought the payment system was quite poor.  I equaled my record of queuing for 2.5 hours to pay.  For your information, I usually only encounter this during Club21 warehouse sales and the occasional Ralph Lauren designer clearance.  I think Fashion Fast Forward should take a leaf out of FJ Benjamin’s page and have different cashier counters for different brands.  After all, most people are buying at least three items from the same brand! 


The venue at Atria Shopping Gallery is quite large and spacious.  It is no longer dusty, a vast improvement from the FJ Benjamin sale.  The air-conditioning was functioning well.  I can see why Atria Shopping Gallery is becoming a fast favourite for holding clearance or warehouse sales. 

Parking spaces were readily available.  Parking rates were reasonable enough at MYR 2 for the first two hours and MYR2 per subsequent hour.  Since Atria Shopping Gallery is a mall, there is no maximum parking fee. 

Brands available
  • Topshop & Topman
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Wallis
  • Warehouse
  • Burton London Menswear
  • Pumpkin Patch
Merchandise & Sizes

Skinny Dip phone covers (MYR29), Topshop sunglasses (MYR19)
There was ample clothing choice for each brand.  Accessories (bags, hats, shoes, tights, costume jewelry) were mostly from Topshop.  Those hoping to snag swimwear and sexy undies from Topshop will be disappointed as there is very little choice.  I saw about 30 pairs of undies and that was all.  Tights were rather disappointing too as there were only about five different designs.  There were plenty of clothing, especially pants and jeans which people didn’t seem interested in trying.  Sequinned skirts, shorts and dresses were also plentiful. 

There were a few designs for shoes and sandals from Topshop.  I saw some ballet flats and charcoal glitter shoes as well as chunky heels.  Sizes ran from UK 3 to 6 only but there were very few pairs in each size and style. 
Still expensive
Petite sizes were available for Topshop and Miss Selfridge.  I saw plenty of stock in UK sizes 4 and 6.  If you are a size 8 or 10 or even 12, you might not find many things in your size.
There were many dresses to choose from all the ladies’ brands.  Cardigans and knitwear were also abundant.  There was almost no winter clothing for ladies.  That is, no woolen coats or jackets or parkas.  I did see some blazers, though.  There were a lot of florals and other prints (especially leopard) at the sale. 
Loved this Topshop sequin skirt
Most of the merchandise was in fairly good condition i.e. no loose sequins, snags, missing buttons, tears.  However, there were a few bedraggled clothes so do check carefully before paying. 
Cardigans from Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins

As stated above, discounts were 60% or 70% off.  There is an additional discount of 10% if you purchase a minimum of three items.  Price lists were conveniently posted on the walls.  The items marked at flat prices were rather unattractive.  I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for them.  The nicer tights were still MYR19 while the uglier ones were MYR9.  I wouldn’t consider that cheap at all when I purchased a pack of two tights from Monki for only MYR5 during their sale.  On average, dresses were around MYR80-100 after discount, tops around MYR50, bags around MYR50-80, shoes around MYR60-70. 
Marques Almeida X Topshop from 2014
In general, I didn’t think that prices were very attractive.  I don’t know if the prices will be reduced further.  None of their brands really fit me that well so I was prepared to come home without any clothes.  By the way, there are no fitting rooms at the venue. 

What I bought

Topshop Heartbeat lizard embossed sandals
Topshop chain crossbody bags
I bought a few bags and a pair of sandals.  I love the sandals but they are a bit big on me.  I’d have loved to find a pair in my size but maybe I checked out the shoes a little too late.  Not all the bags are mine, as I’m still aspiring to stop buying duplicates in 2016.  As for the sale, I guess it’s a good thing that it only takes place once in five years so that I won’t put myself through the exquisite pain of scoring bargains at the price of queuing for hours and aching legs. 

Happy shopping!

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