Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thrift Shopping in Kuala Lumpur – The Ones That Got Away 3

Of late, I have had more misses than hits while thrift shopping.  And what spectacular misses they have been!  I was browsing in a thrift shop, hoping to find something.  I found this short Chanel sleeveless jacket (if it can be called that).  I was so excited but it really didn’t fit me well at all.  My shoulders are too narrow and my waist isn’t slender enough. 

The tag was all faded and worn so I had a lot of difficult trying to figure out which year and season it was from.  I didn’t buy it but obsessively tried to identify it from the Internet.  I finally tracked down some old Chanel runway videos and found that it was from the Spring 1996 collection.  That is such a long time ago!  Karl Lagerfeld was still holding a fan and not his current super slim self. 

Recently, I saw a bunch of shoes and a gleaming silver pair immediately stood out.  Chanel again!  But not my size, again!  They were really expensive for second-hand shoes, too.  I thought they were really pretty but someone said they were really ugly and outdated.  I really liked the tiny interlocking double C’s near the ankle of the shoe, though. 

I hope I have better luck in 2016, especially with regards to a certain label starting with “C”.  

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