Saturday, 19 March 2016

New Zealand – Bungy Jumping and Jet Boating at Kawarau

Kawarau river - can you spot the jet boat on the right?
Look at all the New Zealand animals in the jet boat!  Soooo cute!
At some point in our journeys from Christchurch to Queenstown and back, we made some stops in the Kawarau region for extreme sports.  It was pretty exciting, although I didn’t participate due to fear and lack of funds!  One of these activities was jet boating.  The picturesque river looked so calm and pretty.  Imagine shooting over the waters in a boat at high speed!
A peach tree growing by the side of the river

Those of us who weren’t interested in jet boating hung around an old gold mining area. 

AJ Hackett's Kawarau bridge bungy jump
We also visited AJ Hackett’s bungy jump in the area.  The place was modern, fun and buzzing with excitement. The bungy jump was right over the river.  The view was spectacular – the water was blue and glistened in the sunlight.  Those too chicken to attempt a jump (like me) could watch the brave souls on a huge screen inside or outside.  I loved the souvenir shop.  There were some really cute and unique gifts and tons of stuffed animals hanging from a cord as if they were bungy jumping.  The place is also full of screaming university students egging each other on to jump.  

Liquid Courage bungy bar
There was a bar on –site and another activity called a zipride where you can basically zip down some wires hanging from a harness.  New Zealand really does have the strangest sports that all resemble some form of suicide!  

After returning to Christchurch, we spent one night at Chateau on the Park before flying to Auckland the next morning.  Farewell, South Island!  

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