Monday, 14 March 2016

New Zealand - Cromwell & Arrowtown

An arch of roses in Mrs Jones Fruit Orchard, Cromwell
On the way to Queenstown, we stopped at Cromwell, which is home to many fruit orchards.  I was all excited, thinking that we would get to go fruit picking.  Unfortunately, that was not the case as we were merely dropped outside Mrs Jones Fruit Stall to buy fruits.  Mrs Jones Fruit Stall sells a variety of fresh and dried fruits, nuts and vegetables.  New Zealand’s favourite Tip Top ice-cream is also sold by the scoop.  

In all honesty, I didn’t find that the produce sold was particularly good or cheap or fresh.  Some of it wasn’t even from New Zealand.  I think I bought way too much, probably because I had been deprived of shopping since we arrived in New Zealand. 

Perfect for a shoot, don't you think?
The main attraction for me was the beautiful rose garden outside the storefront.  I would gladly pay money to visit the rose garden!  We were already very taken with the beautiful roses and flowers growing outside the shop but there was an entire garden of them!  It was so beautiful, unlike anything we would get to see back in Malaysia. 

Some kind of blossoms, purple roses and dual-coloured roses.  
Red roses and purple flowers
We made yet another stop at Arrowtown, a town near Queenstown.  I thought it was unnecessary as there was practically nothing to see at Arrowtown.  Our tour itinerary included a tour of the early Chinese miners’ houses (Arrowtown used to be a gold mining town).  Another hour or so of my life I’ll never get back.  

Plants spotted on our walk in Arrowtown
Cotton trees in Arrowtown
At least there were lots of interesting plants like cotton trees, lemon trees and poppies along the way.  We also stopped at a stream that was included in the extended version of the Lord of the Rings.  I was dying to go to Patagonia Chocolates but couldn’t make it there in time before we left as there was a long queue outside. 

The aforementioned stream that appeared in the Lord of the Rings
Next stop:  Queenstown!

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